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According to the KCNA agency, 263,370 other people with symptoms of heat have arrived in the last day, with a total of 2.24 million. There were 65 people with symptoms, two of them in the last 24 hours. KCNA did not say how many people were positive for the coronavirus.

However, North Korea has announced that agricultural work continues. The factories also work, so the former general’s happiness moves. Even in the situation of maximum prevention of the extraordinary epidemic, the key industries are still maintaining normal production and extensive construction projects are being carried out without a breakdown, the KCNA said, noting that despite the anti-epidemic wolves, stable mucus results.

A growing number of cases and a shortage of medical supplies and vaccinations have led the UN Human Rights Agency to warn of the devastating effects of the epidemic on North Korea’s 25 million people. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) believes that uncontrolled infections could lead to new lethal variants of coronavirus.

According to international standards, North Korean healthcare is one of the worst in the world. He suffers from a lack of food, medical supplies and equipment. The DPRK has twice rejected her covid-19 vaccines from abroad. Instead, the epidemic in the country is gaining momentum.

According to the South Korean ad, it is difficult to infer any twists, or it is not clear how North Korea sweats people with fever and patients with covid-19.

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