FGR requested immigration alert against García Cabeza de Vaca; they issued an arrest warrant against him

The former governor no longer appeared publicly in the last days of his government (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
The former governor no longer appeared publicly in the last days of his government (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) has a arrest warrant against the former governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vacafor which he requested an alert to the Migration’s national institute (INM) to address the possible departure of the PAN member from the country.

According to the INM, the FGR requested collaboration to verify and report on the movement of entry and exit of the PAN in national territory, after his whereabouts were publicly unknown since last week.

“These measures are related to an arrest warrant against him for his probable involvement in criminal acts of organized crime”, specified the dependency attached to the Secretary of the Interior.

The arrest warrant was issued by a district judge for the alleged responsibility of the former governor in criminal association. Therefore, it will be recorded and reported to the FGR about an alleged attempt to abduction of justice from García Cabeza de Vaca at international transit points.

The request of the FGR includes accusations of money laundering and tax fraud. The record is with folio 452123 in the Control List of the Comprehensive Immigration Operation Systemin the name of the former governor of Mexican nationality born on September 17, 1967.

“In attention to the profession FGR/AIC/PFM/DGIPAM/DALIE/OF/02976/2022signed by the Mtro. Ricardo Eduardo Aranda AguilarSpecialized Supervisor in charge of the Directorate of Apprehensions and Locations of Special Investigations”, indicates the document sent.

Two days ago, on October 3, García Cabeza de Vaca cut off the versions about his possible escape from the countryafter he was succeeded in office by the morenista Americo Villarreal. The PAN member clarified that he was not present at the protest because he was not summoned to cede the mandate in the Tamaulipas Congress.

“I publish this tweet to avoid speculation. 1. I did not attend the inauguration of the New Governor because I was not summoned”, he pointed out about his absence from the event on October 1 in Victory Citycapital of the entity that governed since 2016 and ended 86 years of the PRI.

The governor had an arrest warrant from May 2021 (Photo: Screenshot)
The governor had an arrest warrant from May 2021 (Photo: Screenshot)

The former governor assured that he was taking a few days off with his family at his ranch, where he will attend to local tasks. He added that his duty was fulfilled and the state was heading for development and prosperity.

Then he wished everyone a good start to the week and 20 hours ago he retweeted the message of Ken SalazarUnited States ambassador to Mexico who met with mayors to address the Prosperity and Border Security Campaign.

Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca had already been accused by the FGR during his mandate, but after 15 months, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) invalidated the arrest warrant issued on May 18, 2021. Even the Chamber of Deputies He approved disbarring it and everything was left in the hands of the Tamaulipas Congress for the then governor to face the process without constitutional jurisdiction.

However, the local legislature did not agree to homologate the federal determination and an appeal for review was filed before the highest court in the country, an instance that finally set a precedent so that the autonomy of the states would not be violated. The decision of the SCJN It was on August 17, almost a month and a half before the end of the PAN’s mandate.

This is how the politician enjoyed immunity for the last five weeks of his government. But as soon as he finished his term, it was foreseeable that the legal actions would be taken up again. For this reason, the Morenoites speculated on his flight from the country, since days before the end of his government he no longer appeared in public.

The entire process against the Tamaulipas was born with a complaint from the Financial Intelligence Unit, dependency that detected simulation in the purchase-sale of a luxurious apartment with possible acts of money laundering. That led to accusations for the crime of tax fraud for a amount of 6.5 million pesos.


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