Fernando Llanos took ‘selfies’ and took dance classes when he covered the 2022 Elections

Fernando Llanos was besieged by some athletes who were receiving dance classes. Video: America News

Fernando Llanos, a journalist for América Televisión, was captured when several women who were rehearsing salsa in the Campo de Marte started taking pictures with him. The reporter is covering the Elections 2022 in the Jesus Maria district.

During the live link, the journalists Federico Salazar Y Veronica Linares they surprised the member of his television team when the athletes approached him to take ‘selfies’. He even realized that they were already recording him, and pointed to the camera.

“We have Fernando ‘Sanz’ (referring to Alejandro Sanz) there. You’re doing a monumental ‘roche’, Fernando”, said Linares jokingly. The journalist had put the microphone and headphones aside to be more comfortable, so he approached.

“Here we are, everything has been improvised. We are in the Mars field with a salsa class that is being given prior to the vote,” said the reporter. “Before voting, a little exercise, a little salsa?” the journalist asked the instructor.

“That’s how it is. Health can never be lacking and, through dancing, we de-stress, and that is going to help us so that they go to vote in this patriotic party, ”she said.

The conductors of América Televisión joked about the steps of Fernando Llanos.  Capture: America News
The conductors of América Televisión joked about the steps of Fernando Llanos. Capture: America News

Fernando Llanos he was invited by the dance students to participate with him, which he quickly accepted: “We are going to be in the class, so I am going to leave you guys, Frederick Y Veronica, in command of driving. I’m going to put a little sauce on it.”

The drivers of America Television They commented on how their team member was handling these classes. “You have to follow the instructor,” he said. Federico Salazar while Veronica Linares He maintained that he was “listening to another song” because he was not following the steps that were being taught to him.

“I think he has to rehearse on Saturday nights to The big show. let’s talk with Gisela (Valcárcel). It hardly even moves. What a good way to start the morning for athletes, ”joked the driver.

In social networks, a user commented: “What a laugh to see Fernando Llanos dancing”; and the journalist replied: “And that I’m rusty.” “Finally, I found someone who dances worse than me, thanks Fernando Llanos”, wrote another. “There was a lack of liquid,” replied the journalist from América Televisión. Finally, he thanked other followers who applauded him for going out to dance in full broadcast of the Elections 2022something that was appreciated by the reporter.

Fernando Llanos is covering the Municipal and Regional Elections 2022 in the Jesus Maria district. She was on Peruanidad Avenue to find out if the voting tables had been installed and then give way to her commented live link dancing salsa.


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