Femicide of General Rodríguez: they arrested the fourth person involved, who had taken María Laura Cejas to the Moreno farm

María Laura Cejas was found murdered in General Rodríguez (Facebook)
María Laura Cejas was found murdered in General Rodríguez (Facebook)

On the afternoon of this Thursday, at his house in San Martín, Martin Goyeneche was arrested in connection with the case for the femicide of María Laura Cejas. This is the fourth person involved in the case, who went to look for her at her house Villa Urquiza and He took her to a farm in Las Catonasin Moreno, indicated to infobae sources of the cause. He will be investigated this Friday.

He was captured after police officers located the Fiat Fiorino utility vehicle in which the defendant transferred the victim to the villa in Villa Trujui, where it is suspected that the woman was killed.

The three previous detainees had been investigated this Wednesday for “homicide aggravated by treacheryto hide a crime and seek impunity, mediating gender violence, and sexual abuse aggravated”. They all refused to testify.

For the crime of María Laura, who was found beaten, abused and strangled in a vacant lot by a cartonero, this Tuesday they were arrested Emiliano de Jesus Orfei (50) and Sofia Damaris Rose (25), in a mechanical workshop on Zuviría street at 1100, San Miguel.

Detectives reached out to the couple on the trail of a volkswagen champagne color It was recorded by a security camera. The images show them when they discarded the body wrapped in a bedspread, in the wasteland located next to a junkyard, on Amancay street, between El Zorzal and El Sauce, in the Pico Rojo neighborhood.

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The key video in the case for the femicide of María Laura Cejas

The vehicle, which had an arrest warrant since 2017was kidnapped in the mechanical workshop by agents of the DDI of Moreno-General Rodríguez and of the 2nd police station, at the request of Walter Velasquez Correntefrom the Assistant Prosecutor specialized in Homicides and Aggravated Robberies and Alejandra RodriguezFiscal agent of UFI No. 9 of General Rodríguez.

Hours later, the case had its third arrest. He is about Rocío’s father, Linen Santiago José Rosawho was arrested at the door of the villa.

While the couple who discarded the body is investigated as necessary participants, Lino Rosa is identified as one of the perpetrators of the femicide. It happens that the investigators work on the reconstruction of the homicide and locate Sofía Rosa’s father at the crime scene: Moreno’s country house that was raided Tuesday night.

According to their relatives, Martin Goyeneche He picked up the woman on Friday to take her to her house in Moreno, where she has a pool and barbecue. The meeting was of a family nature. Even, Cejas proposed to go to one of her daughters, but the girl refused.

Laura Cejas was recognized for her tattoos and a piercing
Laura Cejas was recognized for her tattoos and a piercing

According to the investigators, around 8:00 p.m. the rest of the guests, including Sofía Rosa and Orfei, left the villa. The woman stayed and, around 4, he sent a message to his daughter telling her that he was with two men in the pool.

Sources believe that Rosa and at least one other man somehow lulled her to sleep and hit her over the head in order to sexually abuse her. They further estimate that the woman woke up or woke up and, at that moment, they strangled her.

Then, the man arrested for the homicide and sexual abuse would have called his daughter and asked her to return to her partner to help him discard Cejas’s body.

“He had hit my sister several times. He wanted to go out with my sister, she was never her girlfriend, they were friends. They had known each other for 20 years, ”he told the news agency telam Karina Eyebrows, victim’s sister “I want Martín to appear, he took her away. I don’t know if she was deceived, but he was the one who was looking for her, ”she had added.

For his part, “Martín” spoke on Tuesday with the program Cut by Lozano for telephand said the victim was “a friend” whom he had known “many years ago.”

I went to look for her to invite her to this villa, that it belongs to a friend of ours in particular,” he acknowledged. “At 2 in the morning I leave the villa because she wanted to go dancing, but she said ‘I’m staying.’ Since that night I have had no more contact with anyone, ”she assured and said that she found out about the femicide on Monday.

The image that was key to clarifying the femicide of María Laura Cejas
The image that was key to clarifying the femicide of María Laura Cejas

In turn, the prosecutor Rodríguez and Velásquez await the result of the complementary DNA experts and the toxicological test to confirm if Cejas ingested any drug or alcohol.

Cejas’s body was found on Sunday around 4:00 p.m. wrapped in padding, tied with a rope. He only wore a black bikini at the top and a multicolored bikini at the bottom.

The woman, recognized by her sister for her tattoos and a nose piercinglived in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Urquiza, worked as a street vendor and was the mother of a 19-year-old teenager and an 11-year-old girl.

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