Father and son in Udmurtia almost died after frying kebabs on May

A father and son in Udmurtia decided to have barbecue on May 9 on the banks of the Kama, but both almost died when they were surrounded by the grass caught firewrites

The fire from the barbecue spread to the grass and began to spread rapidly, surrounding the man with his twelve-year-old son. Attempts to put out the fire on their own were unsuccessful. Things and phones of both burned down. The flame pressed the man and the child to the water, but it was not possible to jump into it, because the river still remains cold and with a strong current.

Vacationers in trouble were noticed by OSVOD rescuers on a boat. They used 10 fire extinguishers to fight the flames.

Earlier it became known that in the Sukhobuzimsky, Achinsk and Sharypovsky districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory again dry vegetation caught fire. The total area of ​​fires was more than 20 hectares. In total, on Monday, May 9, firefighters discovered 12 grass fires.

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