Fatal crash on General Paz avenue: one dead and total hand cut to the Riachuelo

Fatal crash and one dead on General Paz avenue

An impressive crash was recorded this morning in the General Paz Avenue, hand to the Riachuelo, and the driver of the only vehicle involved died as a result of the strong impact against the left guardrail of the track. Although the causes of the accident have yet to be determined, it is speculated that the motorist was speeding and lost control shortly before the junction with the Pan-American highway.

Preliminary information indicates that the accident occurred around 5 in the morning, and 20 minutes later the death of the driver of the white Ford Focus, patent AD204TN.

Apparently, the victim came to high speed and zig zag. For reasons that are still unknown, he collided with the left guardrail, did a series of spins and ended up on the right side of the avenue. Fortunately, no other vehicles were circulating at the scene at that time.

Since the man was ejected from the vehicle, it is estimated that I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

The experts are already working on the scene to determine under what circumstances the fatal crash occurred. While the rigorous work is being carried out, personnel from the City Police and Autopistas del Sol carry out a full cut on General Paz avenue, hand to the Riachuelo.

When consulting the registry of infractions of the City of Buenos Aires with the domain corresponding to the vehicle, it is verified that it has nine fines for speeding and the debt amounts to more than 140 thousand pesos.

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