EZ tripled the profit. Five years to pay the highest dividend in the company ‘s history Business

According to EZ, the reason for the growth is, among other things, the enormous growth of commodity prices on wholesale markets and a record profit from commodity trading on Western European markets. The majority share of EZ is the state, which holds about 70 percent of the shares through the Ministry of Finance.

Last year, the group increased its EBITDA outlook to 95 and 99 billion crowns and the certain profit outlook to 45 and 49 billion crowns.

The expected profit for the whole of 2022 indicates a dividend, in the case set at the upper limit of the valid dividend policy interval, at 67 and 73 crowns per share, said the CEO of EZ Daniel Bene.

Five years there will probably be the highest dividend in the company’s history and the majority owner, the Czech Republic, could receive more than 27 billion crowns, he added.

Growth of market prices of electricity by EZ contributed to the growth of profit in the production segment, but had a negative effect on the results of the energy sales segment. Operating profit before depreciation in the production segment rose by 28 billion crowns to 36.7 billion in the first quarter, ie not more than several times the same. On the other hand, in the sales segment, operating profit fell by 2.4 billion year on year, and also fell to a loss of about 0.2 billion crowns.

The reason is the constant prices of electricity and gas, so the new customers, which EZ Prodej took care of after suppliers who failed last year, said EZ Ladislav K.

More power and green energy

The company announced last June Bohemia Energythe largest group of alternative energy suppliers in the Czech Republic, cessation of activities and supply of electricity and gas due to extreme growth in energy prices in the markets. The 900,000 Bohemia Energy customers thus ended up in the regime of the supplier of last resort (DPI), most of them first at EZ. After Bohemia Energy ended up and gave the supplier. The EZ group stated that 99.8 percent of customers were transferred to the standard contract from the DPI regime.

Electricity production from renewable and nuclear sources in the EZ groups increased by one percent to 8.9 terawatt hours (TWh) in the first quarter. On the contrary, production from coal and steam-gas sources fell by ten percent to six terawatt hours, mainly due to a decrease in electricity production in steam-gas power plants Poerady by 40 percent.

According to EZ, the current geopolitical situation intensifies the group’s exchange for electricity generation from emission-free sources. For example, the creation of 17 new photovoltaic power plant projects with a total capacity of 173 megawatts is planned, said EZ

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