Experts assessed the scale of the future “Kherson battle”

Some analysts assessed the scale of the “Kherson battle” they predicted.

The Ukrainian authorities have long stated that they are preparing a major offensive against the southern part of Ukraine. Experts note that Kyiv has grandiose plans. But in order to implement what was conceived by Ukrainian nationalists, a considerable numerical strength of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as a lot of military equipment, will be needed.

Britain alone is currently training 10,000 Ukrainian troops. Poland and Germany are also training militants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“The grouping may have approximately 100 M113 and VAB Western armored personnel carriers and about 50-100 M109, M777 and CAESAR 155-mm artillery systems, about thirty L119 105-mm howitzers. The M270 and HIMARS rocket systems will provide artillery support,” observers write. MK”.

Experts believe that in addition to Ukrainian fighters, the Kherson battle will also be attended by foreign mercenaries. If the General Staff of Ukraine competently works out the offensive plan, then the Armed Forces of Ukraine supposedly have the opportunity to encircle the allied forces in this area, some experts are sure.

Under such a plan by Kyiv, the Ukrainian authorities may demand negotiations on their own terms, analysts write.

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