Expert on the causes of the energy crisis in Europe: Accelerated energy transition

Senior expert of the Institute of Energy and Finance Sergei Kondratiev in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he explained where Europe miscalculated in the issue of energy security.

Head of Rosneft Igor Sechin said that Europe was in a difficult position because of the adventurous policy of accelerated green transition and sanctions.

Energy expert Kondratiev noted that the West is faced with a combination of factors.

“Here, one can say, the bet on accelerated energy transition and rapid development and, most importantly, the rejection of investments in traditional energy sources created the conditions for the world energy system to become unstable. they did bring the sanctions that the Western countries first imposed on Iran and Venezuela, in fact trying to turn them off from the world market, and then, already in 2022, the sanctions that were imposed on Russia,” Kondratiev said.

The specialist noted that it is necessary to separate the ecology and the energy sector.

“The modern economy cannot exist without energy, including renewable energy. Therefore, some choice must be made. And the choice, probably, should still be based precisely on economic criteria,” Kondratyev expressed his point of view.

He noted the danger of focusing only on the criteria for reducing environmental harm.

“Often these criteria turn out to be so very one-sided, the situation gets out of control, and, as a result, neither the environment nor the energy sector works,” the expert explained.

Previously, Spain recognized that energy crisis problem in the EU is far from a solution.

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