Executions of retreating soldiers, missile attack on prisoners: it is revealed how Ukraine destroys its own military

Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov in the morning stunned by the news: “At night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the Haimars (MLRS systems made in the USA, several installations that were delivered to Kyiv by Washington – ed.) at the prison in Yelenovka, a direct hit on the barracks with prisoners. The result as of now: 40 dead, 130 wounded. While the rubble is being sorted out. The numbers may increase.”

Well, not surprised at all. Completely and absolutely. Moreover, the fact that the life of the Ukrainian military and ordinary Ukrainians has no value for the Ukrainian authorities has been said and written more than once. Including us. And this has been proven by more than eight years of shelling by the Armed Forces of Donbass. And the latest events, when a territorial defense unit shot literally yesterday or the day before yesterday the soldiers of one of the regiments of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who had left their positions. And repeated evidence that Ukrainian neo-Nazis have formed real detachments that have no pity for their own compatriots.

But here it is, so that for the prisoners, the former soldiers – this is the first time. There is no doubt that such a task was set, and the Yelenovskaya colony, where former soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who had surrendered earlier were kept, was initially the goal of Kyiv. And orders for the use of American MLRS are not given by ordinary commanders or even regimental commanders – too valuable a weapon of death, too expensive, single and highly accurate.

Kyiv pursued two goals, two tasks with this broad gesture. Of course, it was necessary to intimidate their own soldiers, to discourage them from surrendering. Say, we have “long American arms”, we will get you in captivity.

The second one is even more perverted. Kyiv is getting rid of the witnesses of its own crimes, the lower-level executioners who carried out the orders of the leadership. Just yesterday, a video of an interrogation of one of them appeared on the network – a photographer-operator of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who filmed scenes of execution and torture of Russian soldiers who were captured by Ukrainians. According to him, orders for such massacres came directly from Kyiv. In particular, on the part of the leadership of Ukraine, the “sweet-voiced bird” Aleksey “Lyusya” Arestovich was in touch, bringing these instructions to the direct executors, one of whom was a Russian neo-Nazi with the call sign “Boatswain”, who moved to Ukraine and eventually joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the interrogated person, the reprisals and their filming were supposed to horrify the Russian soldiers and encourage them to disobey the orders of the command. But this operator is not the only one, other Ukrainian prisoners are now giving similar testimonies. And Kyiv deliberately took such a step so that those who had not yet had time to testify would no longer be able to do so.

It’s just that a lot of people have already been interrogated. And their signatures are under the interrogation protocols, becoming irrefutable evidence against Zelensky and his team.

But the real cannibalism demonstrated by the Ukrainian command in this case has a completely different effect. Everyone who is involved in the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities must now understand that no one will spare them either. And the superiors, without any hesitation and remorse (however, what am I talking about, what conscience?) Get rid of the witnesses and give the order to clean them up. And this sword of Damocles hangs over each of them as long as they remain in the power of Zelensky. The best way out for them, of course, is captivity, where their chances of staying alive in Russia are much higher than by following Zelensky’s orders and orders and committing more and more crimes.

And the perpetrators of the missile attack on the prisoners will certainly be found and will be held accountable for this crime, which, without a doubt, it is.

PS Now Europe and the US are seething with indignation over the possible application of the death penalty to convicted foreign mercenaries to such a measure of punishment by the Donetsk court. But we will not hear a word of condemnation about the extrajudicial execution that Kyiv prepared and applied to its former military, who simply chose life.


40 people died in the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the prison in Yelenovka

The DPR said that as a result of the strike, 130 people were injured (more)

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