Ex-Prime Minister of Russia Sergey Stepashin: I’m sure Kudrin’s replacement in the Accounts Chamber will be worthy

Former Prime Minister of Russia Sergei Stepashin

Former Prime Minister of Russia Sergei Stepashin

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

… – Sergey Vadimovich, on Sunday, December 18, the President of Russia signed a new Law on the appointment of the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber and his deputies. And we remember that when you headed this body, you also developed a similar project …

– These were amendments to the Law on the Accounts Chamber…

– 14 years ago?

– Yes. And we then precisely such order also have provided.

There, the only thing is the difference?

The State Duma was supposed to appoint a leader, and deputies – the Council of Federations. According to the updated Constitution (we are talking about amendments to the Basic Law adopted in July 2020. – A.G.) – the opposite is done.

As a matter of fact, today all this is given in accordance with the Constitution of the country.

– On the contrary – how is it? Does the Federation Council approve the chairman?

– Yes, and the deputies – the State Duma.

– But there is also such a moment that the Council of Federations nominates three candidates for the post of chairman, and the president chooses one of them.

– And in my time the State Duma offered three people, and the president chose one of them. Now offers the Council of Federations.

That is, everything is in accordance with the Constitution, and, to be honest, I don’t see any extraordinary news here.

There is another interesting point.

– What is it?

– Now the Accounts Chamber can check not only how federal budget funds are spent, but also – control regional budgets – this is something that was not there before.

– And this is good?

– Yes. Let’s say we didn’t have the right to check Moscow. And now – it is possible.

– It’s clear. And one more question. I know that you and Alexei Kudrin are quite close – once even a joint interview about football was given to Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda. That is why he resigned as chairman of the Accounts Chamber? Like what? Have you talked about this?

– This is his decision, he is interested in working at Yandex, he told me about this even before his resignation.

Let everything work out. We are interested in Yandex, this is an important job, God bless Alexey!

– Do you have any candidates in mind for his place?

– No. But I am sure that Kudrin’s replacement will be worthy.

– Well, then we will hope that in the near future the names of the applicants will become known and we will comment on them with you?

– Undoubtedly.

Moreover, the head of the Accounts Chamber is a public position, a public one.

Therefore, of course, we would like our taxpayers to know who they are offering and why they are offering it. Just in case.

– Understood. That is, your main idea is that now the Accounts Chamber will be transparent, open, but – a constitutional body?

– Yes, it was like that, it’s just that everything was brought into line with the Constitution. Everything is very simple.

– Thank you very much for your comment, Sergey Vadimovich!

– Let’s! Be healthy!

– Mutually.

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