Ex-husband begs Ekaterina Klimova to marry him again

The third husband of actress Gela Meskhi realized only after the divorce that he truly loves only her.  According to friends, he dreams of living with Klimova in the same family again.

The third husband of actress Gela Meskhi realized only after the divorce that he truly loves only her. According to friends, he dreams of living with Klimova in the same family again.

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The other day Ekaterina Klimova unexpectedly admitted that she was ready to remarry and have another child. Now fans are wondering who became the next chosen one of the 44-year-old actress. If Catherine’s wish comes true, this marriage will be her fourth. The actress has four children from different men.

Fatal Katya

The green-eyed Klimova likes to note that she has a real camp gypsy in her family, from whom she inherited love and a craving for a nomadic acting life. Katya fell in love with a childhood friend Ilya Khoroshilov as a 15-year-old schoolgirl. When she told her beloved that she would study as an actress, Ilya was upset and said: they say, you will get carried away with acting and leave me. And so it happened. In 2002, Catherine gave birth to a daughter, Lisa, mired in diapers and worried that she would miss her finest hour in the cinema. But, according to her, a miracle happened. “I remember that I came to the temple in despair, I stand crying, I put candles to all the saints I knew, there was only one icon left – the holy great martyr Anastasia. Give, I think, I’ll put my friend Nastya for health. On the same day, they called me and said that I was approved for the series “Poor Nastya”. I realized: this is a miracle that will change my life, ”she said later in an interview.

A real tabor gypsy woman inherited amorousness and a craving for a nomadic acting life to Catherine.  Photo: Vitaly NEVAR/TASS

A real tabor gypsy woman inherited amorousness and a craving for a nomadic acting life to Catherine. Photo: Vitaly NEVAR/TASS

But the miracle did not save her marriage. On the set of the series “The Best City of the Earth” she had an affair with partner Igor Petrenko. At that time, both were not free.

The first husband of Klimova, a jeweler, was painfully worried about parting. And Catherine admitted that she felt guilty before him. For the sake of a shooting partner, Petrenko left his then wife, actress Irina Leonova. Klimova took her two-year-old daughter and went to his rented apartment.

Jeweler Ilya Khoroshilov painfully experienced a divorce.

Jeweler Ilya Khoroshilov painfully experienced a divorce.


Petrenko was ready to be torn to pieces because of treason

On December 31, 2004, Klimova and Petrenko registered a marriage and for ten years turned into “Russian Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.” In this marriage, Klimova gave birth to two sons: in 2006 – Matvey, in 2008 – Korney. They seemed like the perfect family. But at some point, Igor began to act a lot and disappear. Catherine felt abandoned, offended. And later found an outlet in the novel on the side. Her connection with the lead singer of the Chelsea group Roman Arkhipov surfaced in the media. The paparazzi caught a couple kissing in Las Vegas, where the actress starred in the triquel movie Love in the City.

“I was preparing for her arrival from Las Vegas, before that we did not communicate for a long time. He brought our apartment in order, bought new furniture, in short, he was preparing a surprise. And then on the Internet I saw that video (kissing wife). Honestly, I wanted to destroy everything around. Well, actually, which I did, ”then Petrenko showed the abrasions on his hands to reporters. He was frank: “At some point I wanted to kill them both, to tear apart everyone who was involved in this.”

As it turned out, a crack in their relationship lay in 2009, according to Petrenko, then he got hooked on alcohol, which helped to relax on the difficult filming of the film “Taras Bulba”. And Klimova said that Igor was very deeply immersed in his roles, forgetting about everything, he could not answer phone calls for weeks, abandoned his children.

Igor Petrenko and Ekaterina Klimova were called Russian Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Igor Petrenko and Ekaterina Klimova were called Russian Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


For the sake of the series “Sherlock Holmes”, in which Petrenko was given the main role, he agreed to an eight-month business trip, which prompted Catherine to put an end to their marriage. Her words, “Well, goodbye,” her husband took for a joke.

“I went on a business trip, I often drank. When I returned, my wife and children were no longer in our apartment, she left me. I didn’t even discover this right away, but I didn’t run to return her, because I understood that it had become unbearable for her to live with me. Almost every day she saw in front of her an exhausted drunken creature, into which I turned, ”the artist repented on the air of the“ Fate of a Man ”program. She filed for divorce, the couple divorced on July 10, 2014.

For some time after the divorce, Klimov and Petrenko did not communicate, but then they established minimal contacts for the sake of their sons.

“I saw her and fell into a stupor”

A year after her divorce from Petrenko, 37-year-old Ekaterina married for the third time. Her chosen one was the 29-year-old actor Gela Meskhi, with whom she became close on the set of the film “Wolf’s Heart”.

“I saw Katya at the audition and immediately fell into a stupor,” Meskhi said at that time. – I just got choked up! I realized that without this woman I have no life. I constantly wanted to kiss her in my scenes. Then we went to New York, walked in Central Park. I got on my knees. And the second time he proposed in France, in Paris, at the Eiffel Tower.

Klimova noted that Gela warmed her up. “I felt small and loved again,” the actress recalled. “To enter into any relationship with a woman with three children is not for everyone.”

They got married in June 2015 while the actress was pregnant. In September, their daughter Bella was born. With her appearance, the “weather in the family” began to deteriorate. Meskhi began to show character, he could violently sort things out over a trifle. He had something to be nervous about: he came to live in the country house of his star wife. And when Klimova, having given birth to a daughter, immediately went to work, his career stalled.

– He is capricious, offended, behaves like an eccentric youth who is not ready for family life. Katya is not easy with him, – costume designer Larisa Chukhrai was worried about her friend.

In May 2019, Klimova filed for divorce. They wrote that she did not forgive the young husband’s affair. Meskhi was credited with an affair with the star of the TV series “Fly Crew” Catherine Assi. Catherine insisted that the reason for the divorce was her insane workload in the cinema. In addition, she realized that the personal relationship of her young husband was interfering in her career – all the directors saw in him only “Klimova’s husband.”

“Gela and I realized that we needed to let each other go for a while,” the actress said in the program “The Fate of a Man”. – We did not have scandals, problems due to the difference in age, we did not offend each other in any way. In order not to break each other, we took a break. In general, it is difficult to be around a woman like me. I work very hard, take care of children and career around the clock, and a man has to stand in line. I want Gela to find himself and not be associated with me. We are not lost and are still close people. Gela helps me a lot, so the separation was good for us. Therefore, I would not put an end to our relationship.

Guest marriage?

Many believed that after the divorce, Meskhi would quickly find a new girlfriend. But the opposite happened. Gela began to say that, only after losing Klimova, he realized that he couldn’t find it better. And that she broke his heart forever. When the pandemic began, the actors had practically no work, and Catherine settled at home. Meskhi often came to their little daughter, whom he adores, helped around the house. Soon, the ex-spouses realized that after the divorce, their relationship improved.

– It seems to me that Meskhi has reviewed everything, overestimated and now he has been “reeducated,” one of their acquaintances told KP. He has matured and become a real man. Perhaps they will be husband and wife again. I think they still love each other.

Fans really hope that Gela and Ekaterina will get married again. But if they decided to restore their marriage, then so far as a guest.

– Ekaterina’s acquaintances told me that she is now with Gela Meskhi, her last husband. They almost live together, – said producer Antonina Savrasova. – How seriously they are ready again for family life, until they say. But they went on holiday together. Meskhi never stops talking to her about love. Katya also did not stop loving him.

– After the divorce, Gela was able to gain “muscle mass” as an actor – he began to act a lot, – his teacher, director Vyacheslav Spesivtsev, told KP. – And he wants to be with Catherine again, as some believe. Whether she wants to is her business. And she is ready to give birth. And let. Her children are beautiful.

Ekaterina gave birth to a daughter, Lisa, from her first husband, Ilya Khoroshilov.  Sons Matvey and Roots appeared in her second marriage with Igor Petrenko.  Bella's daughter is in the third with Gela Meskhi.

Ekaterina gave birth to a daughter, Lisa, from her first husband, Ilya Khoroshilov. Sons Matvey and Roots appeared in her second marriage with Igor Petrenko. Bella’s daughter is in the third with Gela Meskhi.



“Fighted over raising children”

“We talked with her about her last marriage,” a producer who worked with Klimova on one of the films told KP. – As far as I understand, the last straw was the disagreement in the upbringing of children. In marriage, Gela Meskhi put himself in such a way that he is an oriental man and everything should be according to him.

I was a witness on the set, as Katya fell into hysterics after a call from Gela. He called and scolded Katya’s son for breaking a plate while washing dishes. Katya flew up – she did not agree that a person has the right to scold a guy for a plate. Or Gela called, they say, I came home, and the children do not meet me, but should meet. “But they are not your children, they have fathers!” Klimova flared up. Everything that concerns the well-being of children, she perceives extremely sharply. Therefore, I doubt that she will marry Gela Meskhi again. He would like to return her and would be happy to become her husband again, but she is still thinking.


Contributes to the rider accommodation of children

Klimova has an apartment in Moscow and two foreign cars. The actress lives with her children in the cottage village of Pavlovo on Novorizhskoye Highway. Looking at her, it’s hard to believe that Catherine is the mother of four children: 20-year-old Elizabeth, 15-year-old Matvey, 13-year-old Korney, 6-year-old Bella. The actress jokes that she often has difficulty traveling. All her children have different surnames, she has to carry a lot of documents with her: birth certificates, permission from fathers to take them abroad.

Friends say that children are a fad for Klimova in a good way.

“Everyone in the cinema already knows that if you take Klimov to shoot, then you have to be prepared for special conditions for her,” one film producer told KP. – Klimova’s children on the set are in the order of things. Sometimes she also contributes to the rider providing accommodation for her children on trips. Especially when it comes to business trips at sea. Her children were even provided with accommodation in a sanatorium during her filming. She, for example, often demands that they organize a playroom. And with me, the producers drove a trailer to the set specifically for this. It was equipped with computer and board games, toys for different ages. During breaks she went to this trailer, where she played with her little daughter, helped the elders do their homework. Exclusively Katya in the frame does not turn off the mobile, through which she is in touch with the children. And he can stop shooting at any moment, say: I urgently need to see them. Or it was like this: on a business trip, children with a nanny, but if they expressed a desire to come to their mother, then they send a car for them at the expense of the budget of the picture and bring it.

Everyone allows her, because if this is a war film, then the customers want to see Klimov. A nurse, a military investigator – this is her role, and no one will play better. That’s how she played successfully in the film “We are from the Future” military nurse Nina Polyakova, and so it went. Once a soldier in Donetsk said: they say, he is ready to get injured, if only a nurse like Katya would take care of him.

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