Ex-Chancellor of Germany did not apologize for friendship with Putin

Former Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder commented on the information about his “close contacts” with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

In an interview with a TV channel RTL/ntv he noted that he was not going to apologize for his friendship with the Russian leader against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis.

“I made certain decisions, I stick to them. And I made it clear that I might be able to be useful again. Why should I apologize for this?” Schroeder said.

He added that the conflict in Ukraine can only be resolved through diplomacy. The former German chancellor stressed that Moscow is ready for negotiations, but the EU countries do nothing to improve the situation in the world.

In addition, Schroeder praised the decision of his successor Angela Merkel block Ukraine’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance. In his opinion, there is no place for Kyiv in the military bloc.

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