Evacuate the troops from Azovstal just as you did in Dunkirk. Ukrainian wife asks for help Svt

Let’s fight, the regiment commander wrote Azov Denys Prokopenko in her newest first twenty-seven-year-old wife Kateryn. Long in order for the text message he sent me in the evening to not be the last member who is now in the safety of Krakow, Poland.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereukov on Saturday, she said that she had managed to evacuate all the elderly people, women and children, who were hiding here before the flood, from Azovstal. He hopes for several hundred soldiers in the factory, many of them are early, but according to their partners, they go out quickly.

I wrote to my husband that I would do what I could to save him, she told the letter The Guardian Kateryna, who, along with other women, sold Azov into the extraction of fighters under international supervision.

Die there and suffer. There is no day, with them the Russians will be strangled. The international community has a duty to prevent the massacre, said a woman who, thanks to the Russian blockade, will now not receive water, food or medicine.

There are also dead. It is important for the soldiers to save the pressure of their comrades, but the glaciers hardly work there, and the conditions are terrible, said Kateryna, according to whom they are always hungry.

We were inspired by the evacuation in Dunkirk. We need a country to evacuate our lands by sea or air, she added, referring to Operation Dynamo in 1940, during which the Allies managed to evacuate static troops surrounded by the German army from the port of Dunkirk.

Deputy Commander of the Azov Regiment Sviatoslav Palamar stated on Sundaythat the soldiers in the steelworks need the support of the Ukrainian government and a party that would guarantee to be able to evacuate at least the wounded.

We will fight as long as we are naive to repel the Russian occupiers, Palamar assured. Surrender is unacceptable to us. We do not ask for such a large gift, then noted his colleague Ilya Samojlenko. Being captivated means being dead, he added.

At the wedding we had a bomb shelter

Manila Zarytsk, a travel agent who also found himself inside the steelworks, also shared this opinion. He wrote me that everyone would rather stop than to fall into Russian captivity, Zarytsk told the newspaper. The Telegraph.

Svho mue, Bogdan Semenceva, took the dog internet on April 17. The ceremony was led by his great officer. The Internet in steelworks did not make a video call and the couple sent a signed formula via the Telegram application. His run was written and the commander stamped it, she said.

We didn’t have lunch, days or suits. Rusov can opt again. We had the city of bombers at the wedding, Zarytsk added, who last week joined other Azov fighters in a demonstration in Kyiv and begged the government to do more.

Azov is a tool of propaganda for the Kremlin

For the international action to save the troops alongside the Prokopenkos from Krakow, he is trying to give three women a regimental fighter. One of them is 29-year-old Julia, her husband, Serant Arseniy Fedosyuk, who last wrote her from the steelworks.

According to the current situation, it seems that they have about five days left. Manel said that there are two early soldiers who lost a lot of blood and have gangrna. They can die shortly, they don’t have days, she described.

Rusov Azov does not see, propaganda is associated with it. If you are from Azov, it is important that you feel good and healthy, she said.

The conquest of steelworks for the Kremlin is a propaganda aspect. Some members of the Azov Regiment are labeled as far-right radicals, as Moscow’s two mentions claim to the Russians that the Russian soldiers are fighting in Ukraine to rid their neighbor of the neo-Nazis.

Twenty-five-year-old manager Anna Naumenkov, who is also in Krakow, received a voice message from her 29-year-old husband Dmytra Danilov at one o’clock in the morning on Saturday. she said that it was hot in Azovstal and that they had no pains for the morning.

My partner is pessimistic because they promised to help them, and nothing is happening, said Olha Andrianov, who was a serant for thirty years. I told him not to lose hope, she said.

In the whole of Mariupol, a large number of which is razed to the ground, since the arrest of the Russian invasion, according to Ukrainian troops, there have been around 25,000 inhabitants.

The fighters of the Azov Regiment estimate that in the previous battles in Mariupol only 2,500 Russian troops died and 5,000 were wounded. This claim cannot be verified independently.

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