Eurotram and giant puppets. Prague is preparing celebrations of the Czech Presidency Home

“Another symbol of the presidency will be the tram, which you can see on us. Her proposal was created after approaching Prague schools to enter the competition. The final form was to reflect the priorities of the Czech Presidency and is called Science and Health. Its author is Aneta Bromovská from the Michael school, “said the mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib.

Praguers can expect dance and music parades with the flags of the EU member states and Prague, which will take place on June 24, 25, 30 and 1. The route will lead from Hradčanské náměstí over Charles Bridge to Staroměstské náměstí.

The Expedition Behind the Lion’s Heart is then ready for 30 June and 1 July, when a monumental puppet of a Czech lion and “flying” falcons will appear on Mariánské and Staroměstské náměstí.

“Prague, the heart of Europe is a multi-genre happening intended not only for Praguers, but also for visitors to our metropolis. We want to show Prague as a city that is lively, friendly and full of surprises. Parades of dancers with flags will be replaced by parades of glowing puppets, and a balloon with an acrobat will fly in the sky. We will show Prague from other angles than we know it, “presents Jakub Vedral from the organizing company ArtProm.

It is on Mariánské náměstí on Friday that the deputy mayor of Paris will symbolically hand over the presidency to the mayor of Prague. Together they will then take part in a public debate on cooperation between Prague, Paris and Stockholm. Part of the square will then be transformed into a summer cinema, where Czech, French and Swedish films will be screened.

“The program at the Center for Architecture and Urban Planning (CAMP) will focus on the three metropolises that are presiding over the presidency. During the three lighter discussions, we will look for where Prague can be inspired and where, on the contrary, our capital can inspire abroad. Each discussion will then be followed by a summer cinema, “says Štěpán Bärtl, Head of CAMP.

The topic of the City by Bike will be discussed at the CAMP on Friday. The debate will focus mainly on supporting the French capital to build a dense cycling network, followed by a summer cinema with the film The Holy Race, which thematically follows the Tour de France cycling race.

On Saturday, June 25, it will be possible to see what places in Prague have changed in recent years. The discussion “Small steps towards a better city” will address this topic.

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