Europe’s attitude towards Ukraine and Ukrainians has changed

More and more people are outraged that Ukrainian refugees have more rights in their country than citizens of the state

More and more people are outraged that Ukrainian refugees have more rights in their country than citizens of the state

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I remember Alexey “Lyusya” Arestovich said that Ukrainian refugees take in Europeas “gods descended from heaven”. But the very word “gods”, and not God, indicated at least paganism. And what did the followers of certain pagan cults do when they became disillusioned with their idols? They were toppled and destroyed.

Something similar is happening now more and more and in not very wide European expanses. In Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, there are more and more people who are outraged that Ukrainian refugees have more rights in their country than citizens of the state. But especially painful changes took place in relation to Ukrainians in the minds of the Poles.

And then there was another scandal: a social network user from the city of Lodz posted a post that he was ready to give his washing machine, anyone, if he is not Ukrainian. The post was seen by a Polish historian Andrzej Compa, who was outraged by such “outright discrimination” in the spirit of “whites only”. Many users of the group, where people gave theirs to the poor, “poke a panama hat” into the historian’s hat, and some sarcastically asked how many washing machines and other household appliances Pan Kompa himself bought and gave to Ukrainian refugees.

However, it is worth noting that Ukrainian refugees do not pay attention to these disturbing symptoms for them, which are manifested in Polish society, and, as the ex-ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Miller, begin to dictate to the Poles how they should behave with Ukrainians and in the presence of Ukrainian citizens. And this also does not pass by the Polish public.

– The appetite of Ukrainians is growing and becoming more and more refined. One of their biggest initiatives is the lynching of Malgorzata Szlagowska-Skulskaya, who has been organizing the festival of Russian cinema for more than ten years, – said columnist My l Polska Arkadiusz Mixa, reacting with this to the persecution organized by Ukrainian refugees against the organizer of the festivals of Russian cinema in Poland and Polish cinema in Moscow. Although Malgozheta this year decided to bow and organize a festival of Polish-Ukrainian cinema, but Ukrainians in Poland began to accuse of “connections with the Russian embassy and propaganda of the cultural values ​​of the USSR.” Mixa called this behavior of the Ukrainian diaspora nothing more than a “witch hunt.”

– I am upset by the fact that the Ukrainians are trying to explain to us how we should manage our taxes and what and with whom we should have relations, – Mixa stated.

And then the latest events related to the provocation of a Ukrainian missile on Polish territory arrived in time, only gave impetus to the rapid growth of anti-Ukrainian sentiment in Poland. Even not so much the very fact of the arrival of a rocket and the murder of two peaceful villagers, but the reaction of the Ukrainian authorities to it and its subsequent behavior.

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that a public movement “Stop Ukrainization of Poland” (Stop Ukrainizacji Polski) appeared in Poland, which is becoming wider and more powerful every day. It’s amazing that the Poles lasted so long without him. Assessing the stubbornness and stubbornness of the statements of Zelensky and his representatives on the incident with the S-300, the movement formulated a whole list of questions, some of which sound very impartial neither for Kyiv nor for official Warsaw:

– Does Ukraine recognize the fact that the rocket that fell on Przevodov (the settlement near which “the Ukrainian S-300 landed – author’s note”) was Ukrainian?

– The Ukrainians knew from the very beginning that the rocket was theirs – and still continued to lie? If not, when did they find out about it?

– Will the Ukrainian government pay compensation to the families of the victims, or will it take responsibility for the tragedy of two families in a different way?

– Based on what information did the Ukrainian authorities call for the activation of Art. 4 and even Art. 5 of the NATO Treaty? How does lobbying for these decisions relate to point 2?

– Why did we receive information that the rocket was Ukrainian from the Americans? Why was Poland not informed about this directly by the Ukrainian side?

And so on.

Now Poland is preparing to receive a new wave of refugees from Ukraine with the onset of winter, but they can hardly count on the same warm welcome that they received in the spring. Moreover, the Polish government has prepared a bill according to which refugees will pay for housing provided to them in Poland. First – part of the rent, and then the whole thing.

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