Europe will stop helping Kyiv because of problems with gas and grain – General Mayall

Citizens of EU member states may abandon the idea of ​​comprehensive assistance to Ukraine amid shortages gas and grainsaid a retired British lieutenant general Simon Mayall.

According to Mayall, the implementation of the European Commission’s plan to reduce the consumption of blue fuel by 15 percent can serve as a trigger for the start of a split in Europe.

“This will have a direct impact on voters, citizens and those people who are following the consequences of Russian actions and, of course, Western sanctions against Moscow. And one can imagine that some will begin to doubt whether we should take part in all this and support the Ukrainians, given that we may have problems with the supply of grain,” the British military explained on air Times Radio.

As the lieutenant general emphasized, in addition, the shortage of gas and grain will affect the domestic political situation in European countries.

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