Europe responded to the Russian “Cheburashka” with a cartoon about Poop. She should teach the kids about western values

foul-smelling wave "European values" for children fell on Tallinn

A foul-smelling wave of “European values” for children hit Tallinn

The premiere screening of the Russian film “Cheburashka” continues with tremendous success. The tape breaks all ratings and financial records. But a good fairy tale for the whole family, you should not hide it, caused a far from unambiguous reaction from some of our neighbors. In Ukraine, for example, a lop-ear with magnificent Russian actors is perceived simply with hostility: “You look at Cheburashka – go to your Rashka!” Already and such posters appeared. They say that Ukrainian schoolchildren were simply forbidden to watch a Russian film, and the ban comes from one former quite successful and accomplished actor who changed his profession all over the country.

But in Estonia they decided to be guided by the principle from the wonderful Soviet children’s film “Aibolit-66”: “Normal heroes always go around.” And they put up against “Cheburashka” a new creation of “Estonian” animation – very unhurried, but sustained in “European civilizational values.” In February, a cartoon of five cartoon stories “Turd, Spring and Others” is released in Estonia, the central plot of this, so to speak, almanac is the tape “Spring and Turd”. That’s right, with a capital letter. Because that’s the main character’s name. Or a heroine. I don’t know, it’s a European waste product, so its gender is determined by who this piece of shit literally thinks it is at the moment. Not as before: “Let’s hit the road and sloppiness with a rally,” but in a new way – “Let’s hit Cheburashka with Turd.”

In general, if briefly about the plot, then the main character Poop was born into the world (if I may say so about bowel movements – but this is Estonia, it can not be like that there yet!) One stray dog. Which immediately after that, without even burying, leaves her “offspring” to the mercy of fate, and this is how her participation in the fate and upbringing of the protagonist is exhausted. And the sparrow who happened to be nearby becomes the teacher. Which can also be attributed to strange Estonian traditions, because for sparrows such a substance is one of the sources of food. Although, if instead of a dog there was a horse or a cow, the sparrow would become friends with this yellow-brown slide, and would peck it all at once. But the Estonian sparrow decided to make friends and even began to teach life. He warned, for example, that a trimmer was approaching, cutting grass, and thereby saved the main “hero”. Who, after this adventure, builds a house for himself in the manner of a birdhouse, moving for some reason on three legs of straws, like a Martian combat tripod.

Having settled in the house, Turd (sorry, this is just a name, like Kuleba is a surname, although it is also a diagnosis) observes the world around him and finds that love reigns in it. Sparrow lives in a loving family, everyone around is happy, chirping, buzzing and all that other Asisyai. The turd feels an urgent need for a life partner, but for some reason the dog does not appear a second time. And rightly so. Otherwise, it would be propaganda of intolerance. Well, two poops would come together, and where is the moral, I ask you.

No, the Estonian animators have it twisted more famously. One fine day, pretty gray (either from experiences in loneliness, or from time to time, you yourself understand, the substance is not subject to long-term storage) Turd discovers a beautiful Dandelion flower next to his house. A celebration of tolerance! Asisyai!

But the tragedy in the further development of the plot! Estonian critics who saw the tape called the cartoon “a melodramatic story about longing, friendship, love, her birth and death.” Romeo and Juliet would have died. From envy. Tristan and Isolde, Leila and Majnun, hundreds of beautiful tragedies about love have turned into Turd and Dandelion in modern European reality.

Another masterpiece in this collection of cartoons is a deeply philosophical drama about overcoming the mutual complexes of meatballs and dumplings. The other three are roughly the same creations of something that is considered intelligence during the period when the mind is asleep. What are the experiences of the father, whom the six-year-old daughter deprived of his own socks, found by her under the bed of her parents, worth at least. And carefully protected from the father, because some small egg hatched in the socks. An Estonian dad, on the other hand, cannot find his own socks, nor can he even think of buying another pair of socks. Maybe they live in poverty, maybe they just wait.

As stated in the announcement, “The adventures of the heroes on the screen are spiced with Kiviryakhk’s characteristic (the author of the book with the same name, on which the cartoon is based, and the cartoon – approx. Auth.) Warm and daring humor, witty weaving the boundless children’s fantasy with the conditions of life in the modern world “. I don’t know about impudent humor, but I won’t argue about warm humor. Especially when the main character is born.

And this is a family cartoon, and a cartoon for children. Where is “Cheburashka”, who, most likely, has never defecated on the screen. No European humor for you, no “civilizational” values.

No, I am aware of specific children’s TV shows in Western countries, where Turd and Dandelion would be subjected to the most severe criticism for being conservative and indulging “outdated” aesthetics and morality. But with the same Denmark, what is the demand if they arrange a show for children there with the killing of a giraffe and butchering lions. And with Estonia, after all, in fact, they grew up in the same country, watched only the tapes of Tallinnfilm, which died untimely. And now – we are talking about Cheburashka, and they are about a piece of shit. Civilization Choice.

Or maybe in Estonia there is simply an acute problem of cleaning up dog feces that appear from under the snow in spring, and the authors of the film cunningly hoped that after watching the cartoon, Estonian children, having been touched, would begin to take the lying dog poop home to give them their friendship and love?

It is difficult to understand the true intention of the Estonian masters of culture.

PS What a crappy, in the literal sense of the word, Vysotsky’s plagiarism: “In general, like this: one Giraffe fell in love with Antelope.” But at least they were both pretty…

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