Europe is trying to “fill” Russia with alcohol: you’ll be surprised who did it

The European Union increased the supply of wine to Russia by 40%

The European Union increased the supply of wine to Russia by 40%

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Surprising statistics brought today news feed. For this autumn – August-October 2022 – countries European Union literally filled us with their wine. Its deliveries compared to the same period in 2021 increased by more than 40%.

The list of European countries from which most of the wine came to us also looks rather strange. In 2021, the top main suppliers from the EU countries included Italy, Spain, France (data from the Center for Industry Expertise of the Russian Agricultural Bank). Today, judging by the statistics from the European Commission, these are Latvia, Lithuania (well, the most “wine” countries) and Italy. Even more surprising is the top states that suddenly decided to give us wine to drink twice as actively as before: supplies from there increased by more than 100% (in liters) compared to autumn 2021. These are Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia and Finland.

– So it went, went – and finally arrived, – the familiar retailer thoughtfully commented on the situation. Adding that exactly how it was going, the statistics just reveal a little, but no one will tell the whole truth, because I would like to get the next batches of wine. As well as other products with which the situation is similar.

In general terms, it looks like this. Since March, “luxury items” worth more than 300 euros have been under European sanctions. This includes alcohol. There were really problems with expensive elite drinks. But no one forbids selling Spanish and Italian table wines to Russia, which are plentiful in their homeland and for 15-20 euros.

The problem, however, as with other goods, arose with logistics and settlements. During the summer months, the stores mostly sold leftover European alcohol. The reserves of which, as experts said in the spring, were for 3-4 months. But retailers made new orders and decided, together with suppliers, what to do in order to “arrive”. By autumn, it finally arrived with a large margin. Including with reinsurance, so that the goods are enough for the New Year holidays in case the trade corridors found for some reason are abruptly closed.

By the way, European countries that have a land border with Russia – and primarily Latvia – are not the first time this year that they appear as “top” suppliers of the most unexpected goods to Russia. Experts explain it this way. In customs statistics, the last EU country through which the goods followed and from which they directly got to Russia is often indicated as the exporting country. This is how it happened that the Baltic states give us wine to drink.

Leading wine exporting countries to Russia

(August-October 2022, hectoliters /% compared to August-October 2021)

Latvia 367 million (+37%)

Lithuania 238 million (+28%)

Italy 217 million (+58%)

Spain 85 million (+17%)

France 16 million (+89%)

Portugal 12 million (+22%)

Estonia 7 million (+133%)

(According to the European Commission)

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