Europe in shock: colleagues did not notice the dead official in the office toilet for a week

Police do not disclose cause of death

Police do not disclose cause of death

A photo: EAST NEWS

Employee city ​​department of planning and development Helsinki had lunch with colleagues in the canteen located in the office building, after which he went to the restroom. His body will only be found in a week. All this time it lay in the restaurant toilet cubicle. The long and sudden absence of the official did not cause any concern among colleagues or superiors.

The shocking news, which became known after the end of the New Year holidays, shocked the townspeople and especially office workers. None of the colleagues noticed anything suspicious in the absence of the official, because the deceased preferred to work remotely and rarely appeared at the head office in the Kalasatama metropolitan area. In addition, part of the week fell on the weekend and no one had a need to call him or text him in instant messengers. In addition, during the period of absence, the man had a vacation according to the schedule.

Many colleagues of the deceased are now in need of crisis help from psychologists, and a discussion is unfolding in society about the changes that have taken place in working life in recent years. Indeed, with the spread of remote work, it becomes the norm when an employee works autonomously for several days in different places, and face-to-face meetings are held less and less. As a result, personal contact is lost, the opportunity to make sure that colleagues are all right and they do not need any help is lost. This is especially true in large general-purpose organizations. In particular, about 1,700 people work in the city planning and development department, which did not notice the loss of a “fighter”.

Some features of the local mentality could also play a role: the comfortable social distance is too great. Simply put, many Finns are content with a very narrow, mostly intra-family circle of communication, leaving everyone else outside, including work colleagues. In addition, according to official statistics, almost 1.3 million out of five and a half Finns live alone.

The police do not disclose the cause of death, but do not consider the tragedy of a small Finnish man that occurred in mid-December a crime.

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