“Europe has nowhere to put money, money requires war”: Zhirinovsky predicted partial mobilization back in 2015

Zhirinovsky said that everyone is waiting for the war in Europe, and we - partial mobilization

Zhirinovsky said that everyone is waiting for the war in Europe, and we – partial mobilization

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The network is actively discussing Zhirinovsky’s new prediction. By the number of prophecies that have come true, Vladimir Volfovich has already shut up many well-known psychics and pushed both Nostradamus and Vanga, and even combined, into a dark corner in the closet. And if we take into account that they prophesied in a very vague form (Nostradamus, in general, can be drawn to almost any event), and they also spoke without specific time intervals, addressing a vague future, then Zhirinovsky, who left us this spring, is simply out of competition. At the same time, he published his forecasts not in a dark corner of a deaf basement with cobwebs trembling in the glare of candles, but in the bright light of spotlights and spotlights of television studios, all over the country, live.

So a new prophecy surfaced, as in 2015, on the talk show of Peter Tolstoy, Zhirinovsky said that everyone was waiting for a war in Europe, and partial mobilization for us. Moreover, VVZh even explained that the reason for the start of this war would be, by and large, sanctions.

– Why the war will start, I explain, as a lawyer, the reason will be, the reason that huge capital, trillions of dollars, there is nowhere to invest. Money demands war. First, the supply of weapons there, the troops will be brought in … That’s it, get ready for mobilization. Partial, Zhirinovsky then announced, interrupting Tolstoy, who tried to complain that VVZh was “again about the war” and justifying his position by the fact that under sanctions, starting a war is the only way to develop the economy and use money. – In Europe, there is nowhere to put money, and money requires war. They need to start the economy – supply weapons, and then restore the destroyed Europe. Everything will fall apart, and Germany will rebuild everything again.

Yes, of course, it turned out a little wrong about Germany, which, it seems, will also have to be restored. But who then would have thought that the United States would be ready to sacrifice its largest ally in Europe to ensure its own well-being. But after all, in general, everything turned out exactly like that – both about the war, and even about partial mobilization. For which VVZh called to prepare in the summer of 2015.

By the way, this is not the first Zhirinovsky’s prediction that has already come true. Recall that in December 2021, he said: “There is no need to saber-rattling, you need to say:“ Let’s do it. ”Refuse? Then we can adopt another program. The 22nd year would be a peaceful year, but I love the truth, 75 years of telling the truth. This will not be a peaceful year. This will be the year when Russia finally becomes a great country again. And everyone should shut up and respect our country, otherwise they will shut us up mouth and will exterminate Russians first in the Donbass, and then in Western Russia. Therefore, let’s support new directions in Russia’s foreign policy in this regard.” He was not heard in Kyiv. When did the SVO start? February 24th. Must have been wrong. But only for 2 days.

In 2012, he predicted the coup and collapse of Yanukovych in Ukraine. it hasn’t even been two years.

Back in 2014, he advised using prisoners in hostilities: “Release them from prisons! Create penal battalions! And say: “Not a step back!” Here, Lugansk, Donetsk and further to Odessa, Transnistria! at night!”

In July last year, he said: “Perhaps there will be an aggravation of the situation in Central Asia.” And six months later, such a flame broke out in Kazakhstan that the intervention of the CSTO was required.

– Nemtsov is Trotsky today. This one is waiting for his ice pick. I don’t want this, but without the ice ax he’s not going anywhere, anywhere! he prophesied back in 2013. and on February 27, 2015 in Moscow, on the Krasnokholmsky bridge …

In 2004, he promised the United States that their next president would be a Muslim and a Negro, perhaps even a one-legged and homosexual. And in 2009, Barack Obama became the owner of the White House. True, not alone. But about beliefs and sexual orientation, only Barak himself knows.

And long before everyone else, in 2016, Zhirinovsky warned the Europeans: “You will pay a thousand euros for gas. A thousand, I promise you. And you don’t have that kind of money. So you will freeze.”

It remains to wait for the execution of the two most important ones. One was said back in the 90s, about the fact that a Russian soldier would wash his boots in the waters of the Indian Ocean. And the second, also made in 2016: “In 20 years, all Russian dachas will be on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea! In a peaceful way! “.

I really want to live. And I’m not talking about cottages. By the way, where is Syria? I want to see a normal Olympics. Well, bury NATO too.

Vladimir Volfovich promised. And each of his promise-prophecy he concluded with the words: “So it will be!”

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