Europe and the US are running out of stockpiles of weapons to supply Kyiv – Dave Des Roches

In an interview CNBC Senior Fellow, US National Defense University Dave Des Roche declared that the United States and Europe would have to use stocks weapons and ammunition, which are intended for their own armies.

“If we don’t have new production, which will take months to ramp up, we won’t be able to supply Ukrainians,” Roche said.

The publication notes that in Europe stockpiles of weapons are depleted.

“The military stocks of most European NATO member countries were, I would not say that they were exhausted, but depleted to a large extent, because we provided a lot of weapons to Ukrainians,” the expert quoted the words of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell.

It is emphasized that in peacetime, Western countries produce weapons in smaller volumes and only as needed in order to reduce expensive production. It is also noted that some types of weapons that Ukraine needs now have completely ceased to be produced, since they require highly qualified personnel. The American sector is experiencing a shortage of them.

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