Europe and the United States are facing an unprecedented catastrophe

Israeli expert Yakov Kedmi believes that Europe is facing an unprecedented catastrophe, and the United States is facing a full-scale civil war. The expert expressed this opinion on the air of Soloviev LIVE.

He noted that the European Union and Great Britain are in a serious economic and political crisis. In Europe, an influx of refugees from low-income countries is expected due to food difficulties. However, the authorities in Brussels, London and Washington do not seek to solve problems, but blame the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin for everything.

“They don’t even understand what a catastrophe awaits them. Their inadequacy is manifested in the fact that they are not able to assess the situation. At the head of Europe are not politicians, but politicians who know nothing but the intra-party dirty struggle,” Kedmi said.

In the event of the collapse of Europe, it is not the United States that will benefit, but China, Turkey, Indonesia and other states. America is on the doorstep civil war because of the dangerous confrontation between Republicans and Democrats.

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