Europe after Ukraine stood in line for suicide – political scientist

Washington does not care how many Europeans and Ukrainians will die, it is important that the interests of the United States of America be protected by any means.

“There is nothing surprising in the fact that the United States is trying to line up Europe in line for Ukraine to commit suicide. They quite openly, without hiding, have long told everyone that NATO and even the EU are mechanisms for protecting American interests,” the political scientist said. Rostislav Ischenko.

In his opinion, Europe once again needs to think hard about defending its interests and change its policy towards Russia, and not follow the orders of the United States, thereby harming the citizens of their countries.

“European interests lie in the plane of friendly relations with Russia. Europe must overcome European swagger, commitment to Western solidarity and must change its policy. The Europeans did not have enough strength for this. Europe is economically dependent on Russia,” Ishchenko concluded.

The politician has previously stated that special operation in Ukraine will not end soon. He noted that at the moment there has not been a turning point in the mood of the Ukrainian military at the front. Moreover, Western countries continue to pump up the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons.

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