EU will not take Ukraine into the union because of “uniqueness” – American Conservative

The situation with Ukraine’s bid for EU membership is “unique,” American analysts say. However, in their opinion, the EU is not engaged in “charity” and will force Kyiv fulfill the requirementsto become a full member of the union.

According to analysts, Kyiv’s bid to join the EU only created a split in the union itself.

“Rules are rules. Ukraine is no exception,” analysts write American Conservative. “Reality is very complex. A special admission decision would mean special legislation alien to European law. The establishment of a new individual procedure would require the political consent of all Member States. In March, the EU was not unanimous on Ukraine’s candidacy.”

As the authors emphasized, if the EU “goes on about” the situation around Ukraine, this means the need to “lower the standards” of the union itself, which will be a failure in the eyes of the participating countries.

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