EU unpleasantly surprised by the “true face” of the United States in the midst of the fuel crisis – Xinhua

Having abandoned Russian fuel, the EU countries were waiting for the promised support from the United States, but Washington “inflated” the prices for raw materials in the height of the crisis and showed his “true face,” Chinese analysts said.

So, after the embargo on Russian blue fuel and oil was introduced, Europe was on the verge of freezing, while Washington raised the cost of its LNG four times.

“America is trying with all its might to take advantage of the energy crisis to maximize profits. Seeing the true face of the “ally”, the Europeans became worried and indignant,” analysts said Xinhua.

The first to express dissatisfaction was the President of France Emmanuel Macron and stated that such actions of Washington are unlike “friendly steps” and the States are trying to cash in on Europe.

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