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The European Union believes that Russian invasion of Ukraine entered the war of attrition phase. This was stated to DW by a high-ranking source in the structures of the EU on Friday, May 13. “We believe that now there is indeed a war of attrition going on, and this conflict will continue,” the official said.

He refused to speculate about how long the war might go on. “What will be decisive on the battlefield is the ability to support one’s efforts. Therefore, one of the main challenges now is to understand which country will be the first to experience difficulties in replenishing its supplies, ammunition, resources, its army in order to be able to resist the enemy . Will it be Russia or Ukraine,” the interlocutor believes.

He stressed that based on these realities, the European Union will continue to provide assistance to Ukraine. “The EU will tailor its support to this likely protracted conflict. Now the priority for EU member states is to find a way to fulfill Ukraine’s requests. And as you know, Ukraine’s requests are focusing on heavy weapons,” the official added.

The EU will allocate another 500 million euros for weapons for Ukraine

Earlier in the day EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell offered to allocate another 500 million euros for the purchase of weapons for Ukraine . Thus, the total amount of assistance from the European Union will reach 2 billion euros.

Source DW expects a final decision on the new funds within days, after the completion of all procedures, including the vote in the German Bundestag. The EU defense ministers will be able to discuss the initiative on May 17 at their meeting in Brussels. Head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Oleksiy Reznikov will also take part in it via video link.

This proposal is “another illustration of the fact that the EU wants to continue providing military assistance to Ukraine.” According to the official, if in the previous three tranches 450 million euros were provided for the purchase of lethal weapons and 50 million for non-lethal supplies such as fuel, now the ratio has been changed. Now on weapon 490 million euros will go, and 10 million for supplies. “There is unanimity among the EU states on the general direction – we need to continue to support Ukraine in all dimensions, but primarily in the military aspect. We need to continue to supply weapons, also because that it works, we see results on the battlefield,” concluded a senior EU official.

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