EU leaders constrained by flabby electoral tasks

Deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation and ex-president of the country Dmitry Medvedev spoke on the topic of his foreign colleagues.

He noted that he has long been in contact with the leaders of other countries and sees how much the level of Western politicians has fallen.

“It is obvious that in Europe there are not even a trace of politicians of the level Helmut Kohl, Jacques Chirac or Margaret Thatcher“, emphasized Medvedev.

The political layer, which personified a powerful political course and an entire era, has been replaced by a stunted growth, the ex-head of the Russian Federation writes in the messenger account.

They can and can formulate an idea, give precise instructions, but they are “not able to take responsibility.”

“They will hide, play up, refer to instructions, to the situation, even to climate change, but they will not make a decision. Or they will make it with a catastrophic delay. And this is a complete disaster,” writes the deputy head of the Russian Security Council.

He also emphasizes that dragee – is not Berlusconia Scholz – not Merkel.

“Could the ambassador of Ukraine call Chancellor Kolya an ‘offended liverwurst’? Or would the current president of Ukraine show up for a meeting with President Chirac in a green T-shirt? Of course not. Absurd. I’m not talking about various political outcasts. About patented Russophobes spitting out streams of anti-Russian abominations, such as various Kaczynski and Moravec, about unknown insignificant retirees who are trying to offer their miserable recipes for the world order, such as Heusgens and Vershbow,” Medvedev said.

And the problem of the degeneration of Europolitics is connected with the fact that it is already a pale backing vocal of American soloists and, alas, no enlightenment is expected.

“Charles de Gaulle could object to any American president. And now which European will do it without shaking hands? They don’t think about the future. They are limited only by their flabby electoral tasks,” the politician summed up.

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