EU human rights activists urged to let those fleeing the draft from the Russian Federation – DW – 09/22/2022

For Russians running from forced mobilization and those who do not want to fight, it is necessary to determine the procedure for entering the European Union, said on Thursday, September 22, the human rights organization Pro Asyl, which provides support for asylum seekers and those wishing to enter Germany for humanitarian reasons.

Accepting petitions from Russians fleeing compulsory conscription is “meaningless” as long as they can’t enter the European Union, said organization head Günter Burkhardt. One possible option, he said, could be the issuance of humanitarian visas to Russians who managed to leave for Georgia and Turkey, in these countries.

The organization also called on Germany to “open the borders” for Russians refusing to go to war and those “who, at great personal risk, oppose war in their own country.” This was stated by the head of the European department of Pro Asyl Karl Kopp (Karl Kopp).

“According to EU law, those who avoid a war that violates international law are entitled to asylum and protection. In this sense, Germany and Europe must now organize non-bureaucratic admission of people who vote with their feet against Russia’s aggressive war,” he said.

Germany urges to help Russians fleeing mobilization

“Anyone who is in danger of being called up for military service, who does not want to be part of the army of war criminals, opposes the Putin system. We Europeans must now quickly provide asylum to Russian opponents of the regime and innocent deserters,” the parliamentary secretary of the Free Democratic Party faction said on the eve ( FDP) Johannes Vogel.

“Putin is the biggest threat to Russian speakers. We can and must protect Russian deserters from Putin’s mobilization and provide them with temporary shelter,” agreed the chairman of the German-Ukrainian parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Robin Wagener of the Greens.

“It seems that many Russians are leaving their homeland: everyone who hates Putin’s path and loves liberal democracy is very welcome in Germany,” wrote German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann.

Russians after the announcement of mobilization buy tickets abroad

After the announcement the day before by Russian President Vladimir Putin of “partial mobilization” in Russia, the demand for flights abroad. According to the portal for ordering air tickets Aviasales, on Wednesday, September 21, all direct flights to the republics of the former USSR neighboring the Russian Federation – Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan were sold out.

Turkish Airlines announced that seats for flights to Istanbul will reappear only from September 24, the next opportunity to fly with AirSerbia to Belgrade will appear only on September 26. Tickets for domestic flights to border cities are also in high demand. For example, a flight from Moscow to Vladikavkaz to the border with Georgia on Wednesday cost more than $750 – more than ten times more than usual.

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