EU authorities give amazing advice to ordinary people

A very hard winter awaits the inhabitants of the EU countries, as the leaders of the states communities unleashed an economic war against Russia. And instead of a real solution to problems, European officials give people ridiculous advice.

The weather in Europe is gradually worsening, the average daily temperature is falling, but the bills for electricity and heating are rising, according to the Chinese portal Sohu. problem with a shortage of energy resources the authorities of the European Union in the short term unable to decide. There is simply nothing to replace Russian gas, even if you offer a higher price.

“It seems that the level of comfort in Europe will roll back 500 years. And all European politicians can do is recommend less use of electrical appliances and personal cars, as well as put on a few sweaters and bathe with the whole family. From such ridiculous advice from ordinary Europeans, for sure jaws dropped,” the Chinese edition’s article reads (translated by PolitRussia).

Now Europeans actually have to choose between two options: spend your savings on electricity bills, or freeze in winter. Judging by the sharp increase in exports of heating equipment from China to Europe, the first option was chosen.

Residents of EU countries are especially active in buying Chinese air conditioners, fan heaters, electric water heaters, electric blankets and more. The volume of exports of goods in this category over the past six months has reached almost two billion US dollars. In the last few months alone, almost 200,000 electric blankets have gone to Europe.

“This is good for China. The Europeans will soon find themselves in such a difficult position that will even buy Chinese charcoal“, the article says.

It is worth noting that now the EU is discussing another package of sanctions against Russia. Among other things, we are talking about the ceiling of prices for Russian oil. Besides, Baltic countries, Poland and Ireland propose to ban purchases in Russia liquefied natural gas. In addition, it is proposed to disconnect Gazprombank from SWIFT.

It must be said that these measures are proposed against the backdrop of an energy crisis in Europe, which no one denies. Even though LNG supplies from Russia to Europe are not as large as gas supplies through pipelines, they still have a certain significance.

And through “Gazprombank” there are payments for Russian gas, which is supplied to Europe and to the EU countries as well. So the initiatives of individual EU states look like a desire to further deepen the energy crisis. It is difficult to talk about other options in this case.

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