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The European Commission (EC) on Tuesday, August 2, approved a plan by the German government for almost 3 billion euros to support district heating programs using renewable energy sources (RES) and waste heat, which are expected to help Germany and the European Union meet their climate change. It is reported in a press release on the EC website.

The €2.98 billion plan will help green energy development by providing government subsidies. This assistance will be provided until 2028 to new district heating networks running at least 75% on renewable energy and waste heat, or projects to decarbonize existing networks.

EU: State aid must be necessary and appropriate

It is noted that this plan is in line with EU rules that require state assistance to be “necessary and appropriate”, because without it in new facilities district heatingPolluting fossil fuels are likely to be used, or such investments will not be made due to high investment costs and low returns.

“Thanks to this measure, Germany will be able to increase the share of renewable energy and waste heat in the heating sector, thereby significantly reducing its emissions,” European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager said in a press release.

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