Estudios de América, Canal N and Panamericana are victims of vandalism attacks

In the middle of a day of demonstrations against the government of Dina Boluartethree television studios saw their facilities attacked by vandals who broke windows after throwing stones from the street. channel N reported that, despite the bars installed around it, a group of 20 people broke the windows of the studio located in Saint Beatrix. The same thing happened at the headquarters of Panamericana Televisión.

Panamericana reports that protesters attacked its facilities

A brief video broadcast gives an account of the damage that occurred in the newsroom of the channel located on the avenue Arequipa. This would have been the first point where the criminals appeared before arriving at the headquarters of Canal N and america television. Agents of the National Police of Peru They have already been present in both places to prevent these acts against the media from being repeated.

Journalist green jesus shared the images of the truck that transports the Exitosa Noticias journalists overturned by the protesters located in the Lima’s center. “Criminals have attacked Exitosa, they have destroyed our mobile unit and beaten the driver who was driving it. This is not a peaceful protest, ”she wrote from her twitter account.

At the close of this note, social networks broadcast videos of the lobby of Pan American Television completely wrecked. The windows that faced Arequipa avenue were broken by the vandals who came to the television set. The stones launched reached the second floor of the place where the journalists were working. So far, no one has been identified delinquents.

Protesters attacked passengers of the transport system as they left downtown Lima.

In the center of Lima, protesters attacked the buses of the Metropolitan while he was crossing in front of the National Jury of Elections. The recordings have shown a group of people carrying sticks and holding stones that they would then throw at the windows of the buses that circulated in the surrounding area. The criminals used public decoration materials to attack citizens.

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