Estonian president says Russia is to blame for high energy prices

The president Estonia Alar Karis said that the Russian Federation is to blame for high energy prices.

According to Karis, Russia is playing a dangerous game not only in Ukraine, but also with the energy security of all of Europe. Moreover, the Russian Federation has been to blame for the high energy prices for a year already. At least, According to the President of Estonia.

“I want all Estonians to know that it is Russia that has been behind high energy prices for a year already. Moscow’s goal is to drive Estonia and all of Europe into a corner, to force us to retreat from our principles and from supporting Ukraine,” the agency quotes Alara Karis Prime.

According to him, providing gas supply should become one of the most important tasks for the government.

“Today we are talking not only about the amounts that will have to be paid for room heat and electricity in winter, but also about other risks. Here I mean possible temporary power outages, as well as gas supply during the heating season“, – said Alar Karis.

Recall that the Estonian authorities are supporters of the toughest anti-Russian sanctions. Including regarding energy supplies.

It is also worth adding that the president of Estonia follows the line of other Western politicians and officials. They coined the phrase “Putin’s price increase”.

In their opinion, the President of Russia is to blame for the rise in energy prices, and therefore – at gas stations, heating houses, and so on. And not at all the sanctions that the US countries and their European allies thoughtlessly impose.

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