Estonia confiscates weapons from local Russians. What’s next – camps for Russians?

Repressions against the

Repressions against the “wrong” nationalities are part of the local cultural and historical code.

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In the spring of this year, I’m on the air on Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” said that the Russians in the current Europe are in the position of the Jews in the Third Reich. Not yet 1938, when the Kristallnacht of the pogroms began, but already in 1935, when the Nuremberg Race Laws deprived the sons of Israel of almost all political rights in Nazi Germany.

And now the country, which was once the most faithful continuer of the “Aryan racial norms”, wants to confiscate personal weapons from the citizens of Russia and Belarus. We are talking about today’s Estonia and the holders of passports of the two above states, who are “lucky” to live in this Baltic paradise.

And although this restriction will affect only less than a thousand people, the fact itself is important here. After all, the frog in the fairy tale was not boiled immediately, but slowly, raising the temperature by a degree per minute. There is even such a principle of management – “stepless changes”: if you do not want a social explosion, build a new reality imperceptibly. Today – a ban on having personal weapons, tomorrow – a restriction on movement, the day after tomorrow – “I ask everyone to go to the showers for disinfection” (if you understand this allusion to the Nazi concentration camps).

And I won’t even talk about the absurdity of anti-weapon persecution. What, a thousand men with hunting Berdans pose such a threat to Tallinn? No, of course not. Because otherwise you have to admit that NATOwhich includes Estonia, with his tanks, armored boats and fighter jets, he cannot protect the republic from some kind of “forest division” (if you agree for a second that these people are really all as one “Kremlin agents” hatching hellish plans).

And here one can only sympathize with our opposition: from political emigrants to “economic refugees”, like IT people who left for the Baltic paradise on the wave of liberal propaganda. Because Mr. Major from the Kapo (Estonian special service) will not understand whether you are a good Russian or a bad one, an “anti-Putin fighter” or just a “sausage refugee”. A passport with a double-headed eagle? Everything, without things to go out.

For even among the Jews in the 1930s, almost all were patriots of Germany, who fought for it on the fronts of the First World War. But the Nazis were not interested.

Why do I constantly compare this Baltic nedoreich with Nazi Germany? Because during the Second World War, the most terrible (in terms of “effectiveness” and the percentage of those killed) the Holocaust took place there. In Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. In the latter, historians recorded 227 places of massacres of Jews; any resident of Lithuania can reach one of these addresses in half an hour.

And after 1945, the good Soviet state almost did not touch the organizers of those murders. Because then all Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians would have to be denazified – their complicity in the Holocaust during the Nazi occupation was universal.

Here is the answer why the “democratic republic”, a member of the EU, comes to the current savagery. Because the repressions against the “wrong” nationalities are part of the local cultural and historical code.

And it is obvious that the trial balloon rolled out successfully; Western mentors, in response to the first timid repressions against the Russians, defiantly kept silent.

That is, our “Baltic tigers” will not stop.

But if you expect evil to be punished, then this is already happening. In Estonia (as well as throughout the Baltics), after the collapse of the USSR, depopulation and deindustrialization continue. The only nuclear power plant in the region, the Ingalinsk Nuclear Power Plant, is closed, the winter promises to be cold, and inflation – with the prefix “hyper”.

And don’t let the local nationalists wonder why.

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