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The Russian detained the Czech police on the basis of a Ukrainian arrest warrant last year in the Prague city court. It happened shortly before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Franetti, however, filed a complaint, which the High Court heard in April. As and for the decision, she published the judiciary and now.

According to the Supreme Court, Franetti’s extradition is inadmissible. At present, with regard to the situation in Ukraine and according to the personal circumstances of the extradition (Franetti), the bottom of the danger is violated by the first guaranteed international treaties on human rights and fundamental freedoms, which at present cannot dream of eliminating or providing Ukrainian parties, told the Supreme Court Wenig.

In addition, according to the judge, there is a well-founded fear that Franetti would be subjected to persecution and burns in criminal law in Ukraine after his extradition, due to his state citizenship and especially because of the fighting on the part of pro-Russian separatists.

Ukraine is Franetti’s fault in connection with activities of illegal armed form. According to them, in 2014, after a trip to Sevastopol, he agreed to take part in the activities of the Crimean Self-Defense, which were not allowed by the Ukrainian congolese and which was, among other things, replaced by suppressing resistance from the pro-Ukrainian population in the area. He created a news group Severn vtr for him today and selected 11 members, to whom he gave instructions daily. According to Ukraine, the information they obtained at the squadron led the command of the Russian monarchy.

After being released from custody, he ended up in the hands of the NCOZ

Although the Supreme Court released Franetti from custody, the Russian did not release himself – he was immediately arrested by the Czech National Center against Organized Crime and accused him of organized crime groups in connection with the Russian annexation of Crimea. The district court subsequently sent him into detention. He expressed concern that the Russian might run away.

For the establishment, participation in activities and support of an organized criminal group threat according to the Czech criminal law at the rate of two and ten years of imprisonment. If someone acts as the leader of such a group, the rate increases to 12 years.

Franetti wine odmt, Russia also opposed his release. He insists that he only searched the forest with other civilians to help protect the people around Sevastopol. He said he had come to the area at the time of the annexation and wanted to save his family and property because of the dangerous conflict.

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