Endocrinologist Kaloshina: to suffer from diseases, you need to fall in love

According to the endocrinologist Maria Kaloshinalove is not only romance, but also excellent remedywhich is able to overcome a lot of ailments and improve the body.

In a man in love, several types of hormones are actively released at once, which puts the body in order and significantly improves the quality of his life.

The doctor explained in an interview with the Public News Service that from the mere thought of a beloved, the body begins to produce adrenaline and norepinephrine, which have another positive effect – they quickly prepare a person for stress, giving him a lot of energy and strength.

For a feeling of happiness, according to Kaloshina, lovers are responsible for serotonin, which normalizes the emotional background, appetite and a large number of other vital processes.

“When there is a “dizziness” and even a feeling of euphoria, endorphins come into play, enhancing the feeling of joy and pleasure from meeting with your loved one. This hormone in the human body can even muffle pain, reduce anxiety, increase adaptive forces and stimulate immunity,” continued a story about the hormones of “falling in love” Kaloshin.

The doctor added that this “cocktail” would be incomplete without oxytocin, the hormone of attachment, which is most actively formed during long-term relationships.

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