emigration is not a dream life, today there is no peace anywhere

Psychologist Lyudmila Polyanova in an interview with Pravda.Ru, she told what difficulties people who emigrated to other countries face.

The expert agreed that emigration can be compared to the loss of a loved one.

“Because if a person loses his homeland, he loses his roots, he loses his usual way of life, stability, confidence and finds himself in a situation of instability, uncertainty. This is always a big stress. Then, we know from history, from literature, that not a single person in emigration was not happy. And this aching feeling of nostalgia is such a blunted pain throughout all the years of living in a foreign land, “explained Polyanova.

The psychologist recalled the well-known Russian proverb that “Houses and walls help”, which is especially relevant today. She noticed that it was impossible to decide on such cardinal changes, like going abroad, in a state of panic, because in this panic state, when the process of analysis has not yet taken place, the prospect of the future has not been built, a person very often makes mistakes. This is what can be observed today, when young men and entire families, under the influence of impulse and panic, leave their homeland without hesitation.

The psychologist stressed that even those people who have long wanted to leave and who easily adapt to any conditions will not find anywhere today a measured and well-fed life, for which they dreamed of going abroad. Today we do not observe calmness anywhere, the specialist added, and this only contributes to increased anxiety.

And for those who have emigrated and feel bad in another country, the psychologist advised them to simply “return to their homeland and calm down.”

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