“Elvira Nabiullina, be a man!” Sobchak wrote a pitiful letter to the head of the Central Bank and received a response from an economics professor

Ksenia Sobchak despaired

Ksenia Sobchak despaired

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Apparently, things in show business are really bad. Ksenia Sobchak despaired and wrote openly letter head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. In it, she admitted that she was used to keeping all her money only in American currency, that she wanted to withdraw everything “honestly earned abroad” and that she was already saving up for retirement.

Ksenia Anatolyevna began, as expected in high society, with compliments: “Dear Elvira Nabiullina! Ksenia Sobchak is writing to you, writing almost out of desperation. Many high-ranking officials in personal conversations spoke of you as a mega-professional, and market experts believe that you “brilliant” management decisions in March stopped the collapse of the Russian financial system and solved (even super measures) the tasks of strengthening the ruble.” The author’s spelling and punctuation have been preserved.

And then she immediately went to the heart of the matter: “Now the situation is absolutely stalemate, all banks that are not under sanctions charge some hellish commissions for storing dollars, and your restrictive bans do not allow you to withdraw them to friendly countries.”

This is most likely what this is about. Sobchak has dollars in his account in Russia. She would like to transfer them to Israel, but it does not work.

And yet here immediately need a remark. At first, the Central Bank really had severe restrictions. In March, the Central Bank banned the transfer of no more than 10 thousand dollars a month abroad. There are currently no major restrictions. You can transfer up to a million dollars a month. To your own accounts and to the accounts of relatives in foreign banks. Either Sobchak did not study the materiel well, or she has significantly more than a million dollars in her accounts. The second is quite possible. The fees for corporate parties and advertising contracts in social networks were not cheap.

“There are a lot of people like me who, after 1998, in principle, vowed never to keep money in rubles, because then almost everyone lost on this faith in the ruble. So give us the opportunity to just take our honestly earned money and stay in the dollar zone! And when the course in Russia is not artificial, we will return everything, I swear on Kirkorov, ”Sobchak promised.

And then she began to get confused in the testimony. On the one hand, she asked to remove the limits on transfers. On the other hand, she said that foreign banks do not open accounts for her. And to whom did she decide to transfer all the money in this case ?!

“In school, I had a triple in mathematics, but even I understand that you are shaking us from all sides – in the West, banks do not open accounts, but here they introduce crazy interest. People cannot be forced to keep what they saved for retirement in a form that is unprofitable for them. Remove limits on transfers! Be human!” – summed up Ksenia Anatolyevna.

The letter went unanswered. True, not from the head of the Central Bank. In the telegram, Sobchak immediately gave a lot of useful advice. They explained which Russian banks still make transfers abroad (Raiffeisenbank, Gazprombank, etc.), and what alternatives dollar savings can have: yuan, dirhams, shares of exporters, gold.

“I can say one thing for sure. There are always options, why don’t we know that?! Russian entrepreneurs and businessmen only do what they restrict in their rights and opportunities, and we find new loopholes to success,” Bitkogan sums up in his telegram channel. Evgeny Koganprofessor at the Higher School of Economics.

Let’s add from ourselves. If you look at the statistics since 1998, it was much more profitable to keep money in rubles than in dollars. Rates on ruble deposits twice repulsed the depreciation of our currency against the US. This is for your general development, Ksenia Anatolyevna. Keep money in rubles and do not remember Kirkorov in vain!

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