Elon Musk answered Rogozin that he does not understand anything about Nazism

Active correspondence between Rogozin and Musk continues.

Now Elon Musk responds to the words of Dmitry Rogozin that he will have to be responsible for the supply of terminals connections to neo-Nazis from “Azov” *.

Musk says Rogozin doesn’t understand the meaning of the word Nazi.

As the Russian social network is already sarcastically interpreting: Musk is a classic American right-wing liberal, Rogozin is a classic Russian conservative of the 1990s, Azov * is classic neo-Nazism mixed with neo-paganism fashionable in the West.

You need to show Musk this classification in order to figure it out.

Recall that the day before, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that Elon Musk would have to answer “in an adult way” for providing equipment to “fascist forces” in Ukraine.

Then the American wrote in a panic that he might die “under mysterious circumstances”, to which the head of the Russian state corporation replied that “No one needs you. Stop fooling around.”

And here again, a new round of correspondence polemics between two “sworn colleagues”.

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