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Despite the difficulties, many applicants graduated with honors.

Despite the difficulties, many applicants graduated with honors.

June is long over, future students from Kherson breathed a sigh of relief. Now they have certificates in their hands. And all paths are open. And on July 14, a month after all the school rulers, documents on education were handed over to the best school graduates. To those who have gnawed at the granite of science for all eleven years and eagerly absorbed knowledge like a sponge. The ceremony was held in the city council building. Former schoolchildren are congratulated by the authorities of the Kherson region.

– It’s a little sad that all eleven years are behind us. So many things have happened during this time. But, to be honest, finishing school was insanely difficult because of all these recent events – shelling, shelters and constant fear. Back in February, I did not believe that I would be able to successfully complete my studies and open up the limitless world of opportunities for Russian education. It’s great, and most importantly – the parents are very happy! – says “KP” graduate Oleg.

At the presentation from the very morning it was festive. Buzz, music, anticipation. Yesterday’s schoolchildren recalled the past school years, danced and read poetry to teachers. The boys have a long way to go. And they are sure that a sea of ​​​​opportunities awaits them. After all, their future is inextricably linked with Russia.

The ceremony was also attended by the parents of the graduates. Many kind words were addressed to them. After all, these people raised their children smart, diligent and responsible. And this is their great parental merit.


All conditions have been created for applicants in the Kherson region. Thus, a coordination center was opened at Kherson State University. In it you can get all the information you need about the faculties of the university, conditions for admission, ask questions.

By the way, the university is recruiting. You can get an education here for free.

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