Elena Proklova broke her leg on tour in Crimea when she replaced an actress who refused to go to the peninsula

We called our beloved actress the day after the operation and heard a familiar, cheerful voice

We called our beloved actress the day after the operation and heard a familiar, cheerful voice


Exactly one year ago Elena Proklova was admitted to the hospital with a stroke. January is clearly not her month. So this year, the 69-year-old actress broke her leg on tour in the Crimea on January 2. At the very first rehearsal, she twisted her leg, overcoming pain in the evening she played a performance. And only then, on an X-ray, the doctors identified a complex fracture. The actress was put in plaster and she … continued touring. With a broken leg, she went to the stage in a wheelchair, considering it her professional duty to think about the audience and her partners first of all. And then – about yourself.

Already in Moscow at the Botkin hospital Proklova had an operation – a plate was inserted into the injured leg. The doctors promised soon she’ll be up and running again.

We called our beloved actress the day after the operation and heard a familiar, cheerful voice. Proklova is an amazing optimist.

– Actually, I planned a vacation in Sochi for the New Year holidays. I promised myself: I’m resting from December 27 to January 14 … But on January 1, I urgently left Sochi for the Crimea to play a performance, – she said KP.RU Elena Proklova. – My friends called, my friend the producer: “Lena, help me! You need to be introduced to the play “Raffle”. It turned out that the actress who plays in this performance refused to go to the Crimea at the last moment. Frightened by the current turbulent situation. The whole group was in shock. The producer was urgently looking for a replacement. He asked me, although this is not my performance. I don’t blame anyone (Proklova didn’t mention the name of a fairly well-known actress who was so scared by the Crimea – Ed.), Anything can happen in the acting world. I just imagined a situation where the tour is planned in advance. Tickets are sold. Spectators gathered in the theatre. And suddenly they are informed: artists from Moscow will not come to you. It is always very unpleasant when an actor is out of action before a performance. I agreed to help out my friends.

I had a day to learn the role. There are some pretty big monologues. The text was taught on the road.

January 2 was the only rehearsal. During this rehearsal, I sprained my ankle. And even played a performance in the evening, standing on his heels. I didn’t know I had a broken foot (fifth metatarsal). The next day they put me in a cast, gave me crutches … I played on stage, sitting in a wheelchair. For 5 days we traveled around the Crimea with a performance.

– How did the audience in Crimea meet you?

– Greeted with thunderous applause. They told me what happened to me. They were very grateful that even in such a situation they did not cancel the performance. And the play is very uplifting, supporting people. It strengthens the foundations of life.

– How is the situation in Crimea in general?

– More tense than in Moscow or Sochi. Therefore, it was so important to support the Crimeans.

– Wasn’t it scary? Still, the line of contact is relatively close…

– I was not afraid, I come from a military family. For me, there is the concept of discipline. As they say, the actor does not go on stage only in one case – if he died.

– Did you have surgery on your leg already in Moscow?

– Yes, yesterday (January 9) I had an operation, plates were put on, bones were collected.

– When will they be discharged from the Botkin hospital?

– I beg the doctors to let me go tomorrow. You know my impatient nature. For me, lying idle in a hospital bed is deadly. But you can understand the doctors – they play it safe. They said: I will walk in a cast for a month. Will have to work for now. Rehearsals for a new performance will begin soon, I will rehearse sitting in a wheelchair. In February I plan to play my repertoire. What to do: I will play the mother of Rodion Raskolnikov, leaning on a cane …


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