Electronic warfare systems force the Armed Forces of Ukraine to hit their positions – Leonkov

A recent natural phenomenon light poles caused a lot of buzz on social media. In the combat zone, it was noticed how the aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit their positions. military expert Alexey Leonkov explained the reason.

The military commander also spoke on this issue. Yuri Kitten, who noticed how, near Donetsk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were beating their positions in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Avdeevsky fortified area. Many could not understand why this was happening.

He said that the “madness” of the Ukrainian troops is the result of the work of electronic warfare systems, which are able to “reach out” to satellites. Under the influence of these complexes, aircraft lose their navigation signal, and smartphones fail.

The expert noted that the electronic warfare system affects drones and precision-guided weapons systems launched by the United States. This leads to the fact that the enemy is disoriented and cannot perform combat missions.

Russian electronic warfare systems are already operating in the NMD zone: Krasukha-4S, Murmansk BN, Moskva. Each of them performs its tasks.

Leonkov stressed that they are not spoken about openly, so that the enemy does not activate sabotage and reconnaissance groups for the complexes. The expert is sure that an electronic warfare station can even attack a satellite constellation, for example, starlink Elon Musk.

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