Eduard Boyakov will open a new theater in the estate where Napoleon spent two nights

Eduard Boyakov in the Radio studio "TVNZ".

Eduard Boyakov in the studio of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

The fact that Eduard Boyakov began to build a new theater from scratch, “KP” wrote six months ago. For quite a long time, the intrigue persisted that it would be something that would surprise the jaded Moscow audience.

In an interview with KP, Boyakov said that he was going to build a modern Russian national theater, as he saw the Gorky Moscow Art Theater. This one is the continuation of the tradition of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. While he was in charge of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater, an audience appeared that was “addicted” to the performances that took place on the Moscow Art Theater stage: “Laurel”, “Forest”, “Red Mozart”, “Nuremberg Waltz”, “The Prime Minister Has Few Friends” , “Pink Dress” … Initially, it was about a theater that would have a repertoire, its own style, ideology, manifesto, but would not have a permanent platform.

Now, as far as we understand, a site has been found: in the Saltykov-Chertkov estate on Myasnitskaya Street in Moscow.

This is an old manor of the 18th century, where, according to legend, Napoleon spent two nights. In the 19th century, the Saltykov-Chertkov estate became one of the main cultural centers of Moscow; Pushkin, Gogol, Zhukovsky, Mikhail Shchepkin and other artists came here to visit the extensive library of the provincial marshal of the nobility Chertkov.

The building of the estate of the Saltykov-Chertkovs on Myasnitskaya street.

The building of the estate of the Saltykov-Chertkovs on Myasnitskaya street.

A photo:

In his Telegram channel, Eduard Bayakov said that the new theater will continue the work of the Praktika theater (as Boyakov created it), the work of the Polytheater, the Moscow Art Theater premieres (primarily Lavra) …

His aesthetic line: a combination of search and service to tradition, today’s authors and classics, educational technologies and multi-genre.

“I believe in theater, in its unique ability to transform a person, give him a spiritual impulse, I believe in catharsis. My beliefs and principles are also known: I am convinced of the fruitfulness and relevance of the ideas of traditionalism, that Orthodox culture can be modern, addressed to both youth and older generations. Faith, Motherland, family, teachers, friendship are sacred concepts for me, ”Boyakov wrote.

Recall, November 1, 2021 Eduard Boyakov left the post artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater Gorky (headed since December 2018). Since October 2021, Vladimir Kekhman has become the general director of the Moscow Art Theater.

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