Edita Piekha: I’m already so many years old … Something must be ill already, right ?!

1965  The soloist of the Leningrad variety ensemble

1965 The soloist of the Leningrad variety ensemble “Friendship” Edita Piekha sings. Photo: Miroslav MURAZOV/RIA Novosti

People’s Artist of the USSR celebrated her anniversary. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Edita Stanislavovna has been communicating only with loved ones, she has not even answered calls from unknown numbers. No creative evenings and interviews – no desire, and sores make themselves felt.

Away from the bustle of the city

The artist lives in a country house near St. Petersburg. Recently, Edita Stanislavovna spoke with irony about her state of health: “You know, I’m already so many years old … Must be something to get sick already, right? That’s how I always held on, but then it got a little worse, but nothing … I’m doing health. The back worries – I often fell as a child, and this does not pass without a trace.

There are also problems with the legs. All because of the emergency that happened 16 years ago: the shepherd Julia, weighing 85 kg, shook her head so unsuccessfully that she hit her forehead in the leg of the hostess who was standing next to her. She fell and extremely unsuccessfully: the singer’s knee joint shattered from the impact – the doctors collected it piece by piece. For two years, the singer practically could not walk, muscle atrophy began, and the spine began to bend. But Piekha managed and even got up on her heels during concerts. But now the problems with the knee have worsened.

The grandson of the star Stas Piekha told us about his grandmother last spring: “Yes, Edita Stanislavovna is in self-isolation. She moved to the first floor of the house from the second and even promises to go out for a walk in the garden. Or at least relax on the porch of the first floor, she loves it very much. Edita does not seek to go anywhere, and we are calm for her. But we control those who help her – a housekeeper, for example, so that she does not go to the city and does not bring the virus. These are necessary measures.”

Leningrad, late 60s.  The singer and her husband, composer Alexander Bronevitsky, teach their daughter Ilona how to play the piano.  Photo: Valery GENDE-ROTE/TASS

Leningrad, late 60s. The singer and her husband, composer Alexander Bronevitsky, teach their daughter Ilona how to play the piano. Photo: Valery GENDE-ROTE/TASS

However, the precautions did not save from trouble: one of the closest friends and assistants of the singer, Nina Chuvashova, nevertheless became infected with covid, after which she suffered a stroke and died. It happened three months ago. The tragedy was a big blow for Edita Stanislavovna. Nina Vyacheslavovna lived for almost 30 years with the artist, who jokingly called her “Piekha’s house manager.”

On her 6 acres, the singer built a two-story mansion with a balcony. Piekha tried to make it look like a house in France, where she was born into a Polish family and lived until she was 9 years old. Later, the singer acquired and attached a neighboring plot, there is a guest house on it.

Recently, a scandal erupted in the press: they say that Piekha lives as a hermit, and her relatives forgot about her. Stas commented on the gossip about the “forgotten grandmother”: “We really don’t communicate as often as we would like – certainly not every day. But neither morally, nor physically, nor financially, no one abandoned Edita. Don’t believe the rumors.” Relatives visited Edita Stanislavovna less often than usual only because of security reasons: covid at such a venerable age is no joke.

Luxury never fell in love

In the past few years, the singer has not taken part in concerts, and she refused corporate events even earlier. On her 80th birthday, Edita Stanislavovna joked: “I’m already too old for corporate parties. After all, young people usually perform there, who can undress, and I usually sing for those who know how to listen to my songs.

Officially, Edita Piekha did not announce her retirement. The grandson explained his grandmother’s reluctance to sing as follows: “She doesn’t perform – she doesn’t really want to. And he has every right to do so. Edita, it seems to me, is far from commerce. She never knew how to “make money.” She always thought only about the profession.

Piekha herself never complained about life: “I have enough, I have two pensions. I receive a pension as an artist and one more – as an honorary miner of Kuzbass. It turns out a little more than 50 thousand rubles. Piekha is almost the only one of the legendary stars who has not acquired chic mansions and expensive apartments in elite residential complexes or by the sea. From the real estate of the People’s Artist of the USSR, only an apartment in St. Petersburg and a country house. There was also the most ordinary apartment in Moscow, but Edita Stanislavovna gave it to her daughter Ilona Bronevitskaya. Piekha herself announced this when a wave of gossip began about her real estate: “I bought this apartment on Leningradsky Prospekt a long time ago for three million, and then I bequeathed it to my daughter. Then I thought that there were a lot of invitations from Moscow, and I got tired of wandering around hotels, I wanted my own apartment, which I even furnished. Now Ilonka rents it out – for her this is an additional income.

With grandson Stas, his son Petya and great-granddaughter Vasilisa (daughter of Erika's granddaughter).

With grandson Stas, his son Petya and great-granddaughter Vasilisa (daughter of Erika’s granddaughter).


Quiet holiday with loved ones

Edita Piekha always said that her main wealth is her native people. She did not manage to live happily ever after with her husbands. The first husband of Edita was Alexander Bronevitsky, a composer, founder and leader of the first VIA “Druzhba” in the USSR. It was he who saw in a student of the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy of Leningrad University a talented singer with a natural voice – and invited her to sing in the ensemble. They divorced after 20 years of marriage, as Piekha could not stand the betrayal. There were two more marriages – the star divorced her second husband because of his addiction to alcohol, and the characters simply did not agree with the third. Years later, Edita Stanislavovna said that in fact she had one real husband – Alexander Bronevitsky: she only remembers him with warmth.

Now all the thoughts and concerns of Edita Stanislavovna are only about her daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Edita Piekha met her anniversary surrounded by her closest ones.

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