Economist Okhrimenko about Ukraine’s attacks on Germany: “Ukraine asked for more”

President of the Ukrainian analytical center economist Alexander Okhrimenko in an interview with Pravda.Ru spoke about the accusations of the office Vladimir Zelensky against Germany, which allegedly blocks macro-financial assistance to Ukraine.

Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Igor Zhovkva said that Germany prevents the allocation of financial assistance to Kyiv from the European Union.

Economist Okhrimenko believes that due to bureaucratic delays, assistance to Ukraine will be allocated in a dosed manner, while Ukraine wants to receive all 9 billion dollars at once.

“For example, this month one billion, maybe next month – two billion. In Europe, they don’t do it quickly,” the expert said.

Representatives of Ukraine do not like this alignment, hence the discussions arise.

“But, in principle, the fact that there will be 9 billion is unequivocal. There are no particular problems here. Although, as you yourself understand, Ukraine asked for even more. For the simple reason that even the 9 billion that it receives is not enough. 2-3 times more, for that matter. And while this topic is being discussed to increase this amount from 9. Perhaps Europe will really agree that next year it will increase this amount by several times, which is extremely necessary for Ukraine,” the economist expressed his point of view.

Earlier it was reported that Israel refused to supply weapons Ukraine because of Russia.

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