Economist Maslennikov: key rate of 7.5% will reduce inflation in 2023

Economist, head of the “Finance and Economics” department of the Institute of Contemporary Development Nikita Maslennikov commented on the preservation of the key rate by the Central Bank at 7.5% especially for Pravda.Ru. The specialist believes that the actions of the Central Bank are logical and aimed at preventing high inflation in 2023. To do this, it is better to keep it at the same level as it is now, in order to be able to lower it in the future, when it is already necessary and will give a much greater effect on the economy than it could give today, the specialist said. “This is due to the rather high level of inflationary pressure that can be observed now. And the main effect here is due to the fact that we have ahead of us from December 1, an increase in tariffs for utility services, which can give annual inflation – add up to 1% point Under these conditions, it is desirable to take a certain pause, especially since there are signs of an increase in inflationary pressure, including the growth of inflationary expectations of the population, and the reversal of the deflationary summer trend, when we now have such a paradox: annual inflation is declining due to the last year’s base effect, and the weekly rate slowly begins to grow,” explains Maslennikov.

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