Eco Award 2022: Edible tableware, smart food and unmanned shuttle

Are you not with us yet? Then we are waiting for you! Until September 1 on the site you can apply for participation in our competition. However, this is not just a competition.

– National award “Komsomolskaya Pravda” is a professional award that recognizes the success of companies, public organizations and opinion leaders that introduce technologies to reduce emissions into the environment and energy saving in Russia, – emphasized Ilya Razbash, member of the Supervisory Board of the Ecopremium, director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Center for the Development of the Water Management Complex” of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation. – Its main mission is to emphasize the importance of caring for nature. It is right that Komsomolskaya Pravda considers it its duty to support and disseminate advanced environmental initiatives. We warmly support them in this, because care for nature should become a part of everyone’s life. Send your applications, they will not go unnoticed.

Last year, we dedicated the award to the topic of the Clean Air federal project to the Ecology national project. For the current competition, they expanded the boundaries and paid attention to the four elements – water, air, forest, earth. Read more about the nominations below.

– The current situation has once again shown how important it is to understand and respect your neighbors and partners, – noted member of the Supervisory Board of the Ecopremium, head of the VOOP Vyacheslav Fetisov. – We are proud of our friends from Komsomolskaya Pravda, who for the second year in a row organize an eco-competition that unites us all. Applications are still being accepted and we are getting very interesting offers. Join. This is especially important for all of us right now.

We promised that during the year we would talk about the best projects and involve the audience in the environmental agenda. We keep our word and now we will tell about three interesting projects – the participants of the award.


The company “Ekopek” (Moscow) manufactures edible dishes. Yes, edible. This is a new original food product for the Russian market, containing full-fledged healthy ingredients that have no analogues. Eco-bowls (this is how this unusual dish is properly called) are baked from premium wheat flour, wheat bran with the addition of dietary fiber. Does not contain dyes and preservatives. Such plates can be filled with cold and hot appetizers, salads, vegetables, mousses and sauces and even soups (keep liquid up to 30-40 minutes).

As the manufacturers themselves say, it is fashionable, useful, environmentally friendly, convenient, economical, technologically advanced. And here is one of the reviews on dishes from Ekopeka: “I am the owner of a diabetic products store, and we often arrange presentations and receptions for our customers, so we decided to choose eco-bowls for table setting, because. they have a low glycemic index, and therefore are useful for people with an insulin-dependent type of this disease. The guests were delighted, they told their friends about us, which is why sales began to grow.”

Photo: ECOPEC/Khublarov Konstantin Levanovich

Photo: ECOPEC/Khublarov Konstantin Levanovich


The Werther beauty and health laboratory from Tver has developed the Smart Child eco-food for children.

– 70% of Russians suffer from iodine deficiency,manufacturers say. – To protect children from it, we have developed children’s eco-food with kelp hydrolyzate – it contains a lot of iodine and 140 useful substances. Innovative technology, manual extraction of algae and 100% naturalness are our formula for a socially important and useful eco-product. One sachet contains the minimum daily allowance of iodine for children. Such nutrition has a good effect on the development of the child’s intelligence. In addition, organic iodine from seaweed is well absorbed, because. 100% natural.

Photo: ECOPEC/Khublarov Konstantin Levanovich

Photo: ECOPEC/Khublarov Konstantin Levanovich


Engineers of the Moscow Polytechnic University have developed an unmanned bus. It has a high-level touch control and is able to work in a completely autonomous mode. Navigation and information processing technologies help you drive safely. SMART SHUTTLE, in addition to the in-cabin vision system, is equipped with a vision system that allows the drone to move around the territory by analyzing visual information.

– Another featuredevelopers say, – closed wheel arches, making the design of the prototype safe. In addition, the drone has good maneuverability due to its compact size.

Such a shuttle can be used for movement in park areas, at closed events, warehouses, and factories. He has 4 seats, he is able to transport about 450 kg of cargo. The power reserve is 100 km, which it travels on a single charge.

Photo: Moscow Polytechnic University

Photo: Moscow Polytechnic University


The competition runs from May 12 to December 8, 2022. If you also want to become a member of the award and our friend, then on the website, select the nomination you like, fill out the participant’s “business card” (name and brief description of the project (up to 300 characters), company / organization name, 1 photo).


– “EcoTechnology” – a scientific project aimed at the efficient management of production and consumption waste, at reducing the burden on the environment, etc.

– “EcoRegion” – the territory most favorable for life in terms of environmental conditions.

– “EcoEnterprise” – an enterprise that has achieved the most significant results in reducing the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, in reducing the impact of harmful effluents on water bodies, in reclaiming landfills and constructing treatment facilities.

– “EcoLeader” – a leader who has achieved the most significant results in the framework of public activities to protect nature, popularize environmental knowledge, etc.

– “EcoProduct” – a socially significant NPO project or social initiative, as a result of which a product (food, household or industrial product) appears that does not have or reduces harmful effects on the environment.

– “We are responsible” – practices aimed at improving the quality of life of stray animals, at maintaining their health, as well as aimed at popularizing the responsible treatment of animals and reducing the number of stray animals in a certain area.

– “EcoInitiative” – ​​environmental projects and business initiatives in Russia. The winners of the project are determined by the decision of the expert council of the Prize and popular vote.

– Grand Prix of the National Ecological Award – Vasily Peskov Award. Awarded by Komsomolskaya Pravda Media Group for the most significant contribution to solving environmental problems.

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