EC to propose new sanctions against Russia – Politico

On Wednesday, September 28, the European Commission will bring together representatives of EU member states to consider proposals for new restrictive measures against RF. Writes about it Politico.

Senior officials and diplomats explained in an interview with the newspaper that the briefing will begin at 15:30 Moscow time. According to the publication, European leaders will discuss an initiative related to the introduction of a ceiling on prices for Russian oil supplies.

At the same time, Politico notes that Europe plans to reduce sanctions pressure on Moscow in the field of fertilizer and cement transportation. The article emphasizes that the easing of restrictions should be seen as concessions to the EU. They are needed in order for the authorities of Greece, Cyprus and Malta to support sanctions on oil supplies from the Russian Federation using tankers.

“The easing data is a compensation for states that were counting on making a profit from the transportation of fuel,” the material says.

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