Ear, Nose & Throat magazine: a remedy has been found that eases the course of covid by 8 times

Scientists have calculated that simply washing the nose reduces the risk of hospitalizations and complications

Scientists have calculated that simply washing the nose reduces the risk of hospitalizations and complications

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Magazine Ear, Nose & Throat published a study that was conducted in the first pandemic year: scientists from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University asked people who had just contracted covid to rinse the nose with ordinary saline. A small group of people (about 80 people) were asked to wash their nose with a solution from the first day of infection and for 14 days (then the period of isolation and the estimated period of infection was just that). Of this group, only 1.5 percent of people were hospitalized with a severe course. Of the other group, where the nose was not washed, 10 percent of people ended up in the hospital, a few died …

As scientists explain, the virus, getting on the mucous membrane, immediately begins to actively interact with a special protein, thanks to which it enters the body. Not allowing it to attach to the protein can greatly reduce the risk of severe disease. Scientists clarify that washing is effective on the first day after a positive test, that is, at the very beginning of infection.

In principle, this discovery only confirmed the fact that during the cold, viral season, simply washing the nose prevents infection. “In general, washing with saline solutions and plain water helps to reduce the viral load,” says Vladimir Beketov, a pulmonologist at Sechenov University, Candidate of Medical Sciences. – But you need to do it as soon as possible. When washing the nose and throat, immediately upon arrival from a crowded place, it is possible to mechanically remove, wash off that part of the viral particles that have not yet had time to infiltrate into the cells. And it is best to use solutions with sodium hyaluronate for washing the nose: they provide not only mechanical cleaning, but also complete moisturizing of the nasal mucosa. (


How not to bring yourself to sinusitis

Consultant of the Club of Children’s Experts, otorhinolaryngologist, allergist-immunologist Irina Grigorieva recalls, how to prevent the transition of a “banal” cold into sinusitis:

*Use moisturizers and prevent dryness of the nasal mucosa: a good barrier layer of mucus is what helps us in protecting against viruses. Salt isotonic solutions, saline – all this is relevant for infants and the elderly (they have reduced mucosal moisture).

* Sufficient humidity in the room is 45-60% (with fungal allergies up to 55%).

* Drink more (at least 1.5-2 liters per day, children – up to 1.5 liters). “Internal” hydration is no less important for mucous membranes. Moreover, the heating season has begun.

* Avoid smokers – exposure to harmful substances on the mucous membrane during the cold season is doubly fraught.

* Start taking vitamin D prophylactically (this is a good immunomodulator).

* Get a flu shot.

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