Dzhabarov offered Lithuania not to take gas from Russia-“terrorist”: “Heat with firewood”

Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov could not contain his emotions, speaking about the decision of Lithuania to recognize Russia as a country that “supports terrorism”. The politician called this the highest degree of Russophobic hysteria, adding that the Lithuanian authorities have completely ” gone crazy “.

“What measures to introduce there, if they have gone nuts there, excuse me for the rude non-parliamentary expression, I can’t name it otherwise. They crossed all borders with their Russophobic hysteria,” Dzhabarov said in an interview with NEWS. ru.

The senator reminded the leadership of Lithuania that it was Russia destroyed international terrorists in Syria, the North Caucasus and Iraq, which has now, by a strange coincidence, been given the title of “terrorist state”.

Dzhabarov advised Lithuania to stop all trade relations with the Russian Federation if it treats Moscow in this way, and first of all from Russian gas.

“Well, if you are so smart and you think that your great neighbor is a terrorist state, why are you taking its gas to heat your homes? Jabarov said.

A member of the Federation Council expressed the hope that sooner or later the Lithuanian authorities will realize that they behaved, “to put it mildly, unworthy.”

Earlier, the Lithuanian Seimas proposed by an overwhelming majority to consider Russia a country that “supports terrorism.”

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